Ann Curry Clashed with Today Show Producers Over Style, Hair Color

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She may still be employed by NBC, but Ann Curry is no longer the co-host of The Today Show - and the fired anchor is speaking out about the possible reasons why she lost her job.

While many believe Matt Lauer is solely to blame for Curry's ousting, the reporter tells Ladies Home Journal that she and producers clashed over a number of items through the years.

Ann Curry on NBC

"One day I wore a multicolored dress and someone asked if I was trying to be Toucan Sam. But I chose it because I thought, This will perk up America," Curry told the publication, explaining how her style selections often led to disagreements.

"I'm encouraged by my bosses to wear these ridiculously high-heeled shoes because women say, 'I love your shoes!' So if it makes women happy, I'll wear them. But I'm still going to be me... I've tried to wear clogs and flats on TV and it hasn't gone well with my bosses."

Another topic that hasn't gone over well? Curry's insistence on NOT dyeing her hair.

"I don't want to change the fundamental parts of me because it means changing who I am," she said of her reasoning.

That's admirable from a personal point of view, but apparently it cost her professionally.

Meanwhile, Curry actually sat alongside Lauer for a London Olympic segment this week. She appeared noticeably icy toward him when live and "when the cameras stopped rolling, Ann wouldn't even look at Matt," a source tells Us Weekly.

Not sure if we can blame her.


I was stunned to find out that Ann Curry was leaving NBC. Ann Curry is a class act, and great reporter with genuine warmth and enthusiasm. NBC lost one of the best reporters they have had. I use to think Matt Lauer was ok until a few days ago. He made a remark to Savanah during their trip to the Olympic Games in London that reminded me of some of the cold snippets Bryant Gumble made about Leonard Scott back in the day . . . You know the old saying the squeeky wheel will get fixed? My mother reminded me it can also be replaced! Watch out Mr. Lauer, you may be next!


I was devastated that they (NBC) got rid of Ann. She was the best one of the lot. Her specials and interviews are terrific. Savannah does not cut it for me. She is all about herself. Interrupts when others are talking, looks in the camera like she has tried this in front of the mirror. Some people just jump out at you through the TV screen. Ann is one of those, so is Katy Couric and Diane Sawyer. All classy women who are great role models because they are real. The today show has become stale. They need to concentrate on changing the men. They need to realize the show is not about them but about reporting good and interesting stories. GMA is like a blast of fresh air and I like Charlie Rose (a super intervieuwer) and Gale King on CBS morning. On the today show I used to like Matt but he has morfed into a nothing. Al Roker is same old which after a while becomes stale. Ann is super and NBC made a big mistake so did Lauer.


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I really miss Ann. She had lots of personality on interviews and she did everything for the Today Show - anchor, newscaster and interviewer. What more do you want?. I can't believe you let her go. She was a genuine personality.


The NBC Family is no longer the same.
You have made a terrible mistake in letting Ann Curry leave the
core of the show. I am a long-time Today Show watcher and
the show is NOT working. I'm sorry. You have made a terrible mistake.
Just bring her back. This would solve it!


Ann Curry was the best part of the today show. And, the only genuine part of it to. Matt Lauer is eletist and cold.


I also was so upset that NBC had let Ann Curry go. . They claimed that their ratings had dropped ...did they ever think that it could have been Matt that could have brought the ratings down????
What NBC did to Ann Curry was uncalled for..she is nothing but a lady....shame on NBC....I also do not watch the today show anyone,but happened to turn on NBC to check out the Olympics....
Ann you are such a lady....won't catch me or my family watching the today show any time soon. toJ


I turned on the Today Show for the first time since Ann Curry left. I said I would never watch it again, but I did today only to see Ann I truly miss her. She was wonderful on the show a real person, I hope the rating go down even more and more. Ann you are a great inspiration to everyone especially women.


I enjoyed seeing Ann every morning. She is a great interviewer and never embarrassed her guests. It is a great loss for NBC morning. I have watched the Today show for twenty years, I am now switching to CBS. I wish the best to Ann and her family.


"and the fired anchor is speaking out about the possible reasons why she lost her job." I can solve that particular mystery for her- ratings dropped on TTS when she came on board and people preferred to watch someone else. Period.


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