Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen: New Couple Alert?!

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Earlier this week, photos of Anderson Cooper's boyfriend Benjamin Maisani making out with a guy not Anderson Cooper surfaced. Everyone felt bad for AC.

Now comes this rumor:

Cooper and longtime friens Andy Cohen let the Instagram universe know that they're vacationing together in Croatia ... and taking photos of sunsets.

Anderson Instagram

If the montage above didn't make it clear, Anderson posted a beautiful picture of a sunset on his Instagram account, captioned "#Croatia. Sunset."

Andy Cohen followed with the same picture, different filter.

Almost immediately after that, Cooper posted a picture of Andy with the caption "Look who just took the same instagram pic as me @bravoandy."

Rumors of Andy and Anderson dating have been swirling for years, according to Gawker, and this is obviously likely to fuel them like never before.

With Cooper out of the closet, and with his boyfriend cheating, the odds of them being more than friends are, well ... higher than they were before we saw this.


They would make a very cute couple.i think they should date and maybe be open to 3 ways with seriously...i hope they date soon...beautiful background on their posts btw


I love the idea of them together, but I think they are just good friends and Andy is helping him get over his partner cheating on a "friends" kind of way...


I absolutely hope that it works out they are both really intelligent and I think that they could make a wonderful couple. Good Luck to you both.

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