American Idol Season 12 Judges Rumored To Be...

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Mariah Carey is in.

And... well... that's about all we know when it comes to American Idol Season 12.

With rumors citing everyone from Adam Lambert to Nick Jonas to Diddy as potential judges, a new report says the show has settled on the three artists it would like to sit down alongside Carey.

Nicki Minaj in NYC
Keith Urban on the Red Carpet
Enrique Iglesias on Stage

According to The Hollywood Reporter, producers are hoping to cover every musical gamut, from rap to country to Latin. Along those lines, its top choices would be:

  • Nicki Minaj
  • Keith Urban
  • Enrique Igelsias

One hold-up, however, is that Minaj is the new Pepsi spokesperson and Idol is notorious for its overt advertising deal with Coca-Cola.

Moreover, this quartet would be VERY expensive. Carey is already set to earn $17 million for one year of work and luring in other major names such as the ones listed above would require individual salaries into the eight figures.

But that's a problem for Fox. You tell us: How would you feel about Minaj, Urban and Igelsias as American Idol judges?


Da hell were you thinkin'? Mariah is a DIVA to the MAX! The ONLY one who could do the job with wit, professionalism, aplomb AND be able to handle "Miss Thang" when the need arose would be Adam Lambert. Period.


Nicki Minjay can't sing a note. She would probably bring in new viewer at least initially, but I think her personality would wear thin. Plus, why would you put her and Miriah Carey on the same judging panel? Ingelsia is an average singer and a chauvinist. He is also getting bad reviews on his current tour. Keith Urban - just what AI needs, another WBWG and plaid shirt. BORING! I feel that Adam Lambert is more than qualified, aticulate, interesting, funny, and honest.


I cannot stand Iglesias. He made a comment about women years ago on Leno, and I haven't been able to stand him since. Nikki minaj is kind of like a Mariah Carey wannabe, so why waste your time with her? Go with Urban. He would bring the country edge for a change. I have watched faithfully, even going to the concerts in the summer. I will no longer watch if Iglesias is a judge.


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