American Idol Season 12 Judges Rumored To Be...

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Mariah Carey is in.

And... well... that's about all we know when it comes to American Idol Season 12.

With rumors citing everyone from Adam Lambert to Nick Jonas to Diddy as potential judges, a new report says the show has settled on the three artists it would like to sit down alongside Carey.

Nicki Minaj in NYC
Keith Urban on the Red Carpet
Enrique Iglesias on Stage

According to The Hollywood Reporter, producers are hoping to cover every musical gamut, from rap to country to Latin. Along those lines, its top choices would be:

  • Nicki Minaj
  • Keith Urban
  • Enrique Igelsias

One hold-up, however, is that Minaj is the new Pepsi spokesperson and Idol is notorious for its overt advertising deal with Coca-Cola.

Moreover, this quartet would be VERY expensive. Carey is already set to earn $17 million for one year of work and luring in other major names such as the ones listed above would require individual salaries into the eight figures.

But that's a problem for Fox. You tell us: How would you feel about Minaj, Urban and Igelsias as American Idol judges?


as a life-long idol watcher- I also have mixed feelings with adam as a judge. He's just too good to go on a sinking ship (he will be blamed) no doubt. America does not except him, play his music, blackballed by clearwater (bain company) which plays all are music here in the U.S. Thanks Mitt! Anyway- hope he becomes a judge just so the UWS can see what millions of us know about how wonderful this man is!


This is a no brainer idol!!! Adam would pull your ratings up, idol has never been the same since season 8, adam is the alltime american idol along with kelly and carrie and daughtry! Enough said- I love this show, but it's gone down hill so bad- Adam will save this show- trust me- millions of fans and nicki M will get high ratings for a few weeks then CRASH!


What a terrible combination of judges. The worst of the lot is Nicki Minaj who not only can't sing but also is an awful stylist. I really get turned off by a female who grabs her crotch. Too bad AI has really messed up their chance to improve their ratings. They've really turned me off and I'm not interested in watching them tank.


I'd MUCH RATHER see Adam Lambert as a judge.


American Idol is history for me without Adam Lambert as judge! NM may be popular but she can't sing and definitely can't help the contestants!


Nicki bluää m gonna throw up she's a barbie and fake one. but Enriqueee i love his music and everything about him been on 2 of his concerts he's amazing. Mariah idk never really listened to her. but at least she dosen't look lika fake barbie like Nicki. throw away the barbie and take Adam Lambert in stead or some other old idol from the past seasons. they could ask David Cook :))))


Won't be watching at all, ever. So, the silver lining is that Adam won't be associated with a tanking show. He would have/could have been associated with an interestng, relevant show were he chosen. However, After QUEEN, AI shouldn't be able to afford him anyway. That may not be "true" but it sure would be right. This man is an international superstar right now (did you see those hundreds of thousands of QUEEN fans screaming for Adam?) and, if there's any reward for talent, a megastar in the making. AI screwed up so what else is new?


Sad Day! What happened to Adam Lambert? Only one worth anything! Bye Bye Idol!


Isn't Idol supposed to be a show about SINGERS? The best choice to judge SINGERS is someone who can actually, you know, SING...Lambert. Hands down.


Who ever takes over from jennifer lopez and steve tyler will do a amazing job as the new judges on american idol season 12.


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