Amanda Bynes in Car Accident Again ... No, This is Not an Old Article

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Amanda Bynes was apparently involved in yet another car accident Monday night ... no seriously, this is not a recycled story, it just keeps on happening.

Bynes was driving a rental car in the San Fernando Valley when she was rear-ended; the driver claims Bynes made a "reckless maneuver" that caused it.

Police showed up but no one was ticketed; Amanda is currently driving a rental because her BMW is in the body shop. What are the odds of that?

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For those keeping score, in the last six months, she's been accused of three hit-and-runs, plus this collision ... AND Amanda was charged for DUI.

Police also say she peaced out on them in March when they were writing her up for driving while talking on the phone. So that's six traffic incidents.

Someone needs to intervene and take Amanda and Lindsay Lohan off the road. Can't they afford drivers as actresses in Hollywood? So ridiculous.



It"s like not even funny anymore. The girl will kill someone or herself one of these times. Intervention of some kind must be done. What a train wreck...


She should be checked for brain tumor, if none, a mood elevator like Prozac or Zoloft. I didn't finish med school, but it sounds more than, dui or carelessness.


I agree, and you can't train stupid how to drive so why is she even on the road?!? She should not have a license and a judge should make her get a driver. What an idiot!


How the hell is she still insured? Any normal person would have been dropped by their insurance company after the 2nd or 3rd accident. SIX? A DUI? How does she even have her license?


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