Aly Raisman: Screwed Out of Bronze Medal?

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The entire country is talking about Gabby Douglas today and for good reason: the 16-year old became the first African-American female to win the all-around gymnastics title yesterday.

But there's also buzz surrounding Aly Raisman, an 18-year old from the Boston suburbs who many believe deserved a spot on the medal podium alongside her U.S. teammate. Here's why:

On the Bars

Raisman finished the four events - vault, uneven bars, balance beam and floor - in a tie with Aliya Mustafina. Both competitors earned a total of 59.566 points from the judges, with Raisman garnering a HIGHER score on three of those four exercises.

HOWEVER, Mustafina scored better when adding together the top three events by each gymnast. (The worst score by each was dropped.)

So, in essence, because Mustafina was a lot better than Raisman in one event (the bars, 16.1 to 14.333), she earned the Bronze Medal... even though Raisman was better in every single other event.

Follow along? It seems to be unnecessarily confusing. Two competitors scored the same number of points. Can't they each win the Bronze? Or, considering this is dubbed the all-around competition, shouldn't that prize go to the better all-around athlete?

What do you think? Was Aly Raisman screwed over by the system?


I used to enjoy watching the women's gymnastics, but not anymore. You look at the other sports and the competitors show admiration, respect, compassion for each other, they celebrate the amazing achievements of the other contestants, they commiserate, they are gracious. In the women's gymnastics it is just about the medal. For the most part (with one or two notable exceptions) there is no respect, no admiration, no celebration of anyone but themselves, and graciousness is non-existent. Wondering if it's because for the most part they are barely past childhood.


What a childish article...
It's not like they made up the rules on the fly. Rules are rules, the numbers don't lie.


If any of the competitors had a problem with the rules before hand they should have addressed it, beforehand. She screwed herself over with SLOPPY uneven bars & even sloppier routine on beam. She was just good all around but AA is about looking at scores. Her scores even if you removed Mustafina's highest & lowest meant that Aly lost. Aly didn't have it that day, she should have done better on her bars & better on the beam. But I think Aly was counting on her floor routine, big mistake for Aly. She still got gold for her team. They shouldn't tie because it isn't a race, they can clearly pick one over the other. People are just upset it didn't work in Aly's favour.


haha americans yo got screwed too bad!!! poor little gymnastics ! waaaaa waaaaaa cry


They should either both get a medal for being tied in points, or Aly should of got one over Mustafina because she was BETTER ALL-AROUND in the 4 events!!! SHE GOT SCREWED !!!

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