Aly Raisman Parents Told to Sit Down By Grumpy Spectator Guy

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Aly Raisman's parents may be a little over the top (okay, more than a little), but it's hard to blame them for celebrating her Olympic gymnastics glory.

Well, unless you're this grumpy old guy.

Aly Raisman Parents

In defense of Aly's parents, they are as loving, supportive and enthusiastic as you can get. No one disputes that, some just think they go overboard.

Whatever you might think of the parents most of the time, though, can you really fault them for cheering Aly's floor exercise gold medal Tuesday?

Two gold medals and one bronze for their daughter, the unheralded hero of a team led by Jordyn Wieber and Gabby Douglas? Hard to blame them.

One "gentleman" at Greenwich Arena disagreed, clearly. After unluckily getting a ticket right behind them, he was hilariously annoyed throughout.

When NBC cameras first cut to him, he stared at Rick Raisman, shaking his head in disgust. A few seconds later, he actually told him to sit down!

Aly Raisman's Parents

Anyone who's ever sat behind some guy who stands and yells at inopportune moments can sympathize here ... but in this particular case, come on.

First of all, the old man had to have known who they were - Aly Raisman's dad in particular does not shy away from making his presence felt.

Second ... what's that guy trying so hard to see? He's seen above telling Rick to sit down AFTER ALY'S ROUTINE. That's just going out of your way to be a jerk.

Is his view of the judges deliberating being obstructed? How sad. This guy probably tells kids to SHUSH at the movies ... during the end credits.


Okay id say bring shorts and a kinda see throw top and have a water fight and shout and stuff me and my fiednrs done it and it got alot of guys looking at us ( including the guys we liked) bring a bikini or swimsuit. if its cold wear skinny jeans or regular trousers and a low cut top. id say the best thing to do though is to just try and be flirty and shout and make them look at you ( it works for me and my fiednrs all the time!) good luck!! x


Sara-there were not 3 other events going on at this time. This was the event finals, so only floor routines were being done. The man told Mr. Raisman to sit down after Aly's routine was over, so I really have no idea what he was trying to see.


You have the right to be excited, you don 't have the right to ruin the experience for people around you. Sit down.


I am a former competitive gymnast, and I actually am on the side of the poor guy stuck behind these super obnoxious parents. I'm sure this guy had to witness several hours of Aly's parents being completely annoying, he was just fed up with Aly's dad. I would have added more expletives when I told him to 'Sit the **** down!"


What the author of this article doesn't seem to know or has ignored is that there are THREE other events going on that this man probably wants to see. Just because Raisman was done doesnt mean the other three young women were also done.


This is why the parents should stay home. They cannot just sit there and enjoy the sport they have to jump up and down acting up for the camera in this case or just being stupid cheerleader. Thats why most coaches like the kids and hate the parents


Why is that man being labeled a grumpy spectator? Every time the camera panned over to Aly Raisman's parents one or both of them were standing up and blocking the view of the people behind them. It was extremely arrogant and rude of the Raismans to behave that way. They are adults and they should know how to behave in public. Shame on Aly Raisman’s parents for being rude.


Why didn't her parents offer to change seats with him? This guy was there to watch too and has a right to be able to watch. Her father was unbelievably rude and should have moved to the back where they wouldn't deny others the right to watch. After all they're spending a fortune to be there too.


Any parents that love and support their kids will go over the top the grump could go elsewhere


Oh please what a grumpy old man. They have every right to be excited standing up to cheer for her. If he doesn't like people doing this kind of thing then he shouldn't be in the audience. Stay home and watch it on the telly! Ha ha take that grumpy old man!

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