Alexis Bellino May Return to The Real Housewives of Orange County After "Soul-Searching"

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The epic feuds on The Real Housewives of Orange County were so hard on her, Alexis Bellino was unsure for a time if she could handle another year.

“Initially, I was leaning toward not returning after such a difficult season,” she said of participating in another season of Bravo's flagship franchise.

“But they asked me to come back," Bellino says. "I’m in the process of soul-searching to make the best decision for me and my family.”

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The blonde has become a primary target for fellow housewives, especially Heather Dubrow and Tamra Barney, over the past 12 months.

It was rumored that Alexis would be canned from the show if she didn't quit on her own, but her above quote implies that's not the case.

She still has one ally if she returns: “I'm sad it reached the point it has with some of them. Vicki [Gunvalson] and I are still good friends."

"We speak every week and hang out when we get the chance.”

Do you want to see Alexis Bellino back on RHOC?



I cant stand Tamra, she is such a mean girl and she is prob jealous of Alexis, Alexis is gorgeous


I'm a big fan of the real housewives and I love Alexis!! She's not bitchy and always seems down for a good time!! She does sticks up for her friends and is a good mother and wife first. She also believes in god and try s to do the right thing ( like me)!! The other girls are just hating. big up to Alexis


Alexis,Needs to stay.You rock girl.You are number one.


You should come back and tam should go get her out

@ maddison

The show would be a dull place without tam but yeah I get she's bitchy




Soul searching? Hmmm. I suspect her decision is based not so much on what's good for her family, and more on wanting to buy Hermes handbags and very expensive cars.

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