Al Roker Takes Jab at Matt Lauer for Ann Curry Firing

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Matt Lauer, you've been served. By your very own co-worker.

During a segment on The Today Show this morning, Lauer, Al Roker and Savannah Guthrie were interviewing a few Olympic rowers when the topic turned to the latter's post-race traditions, which include tossing teammates into the water. Joked the host:

"The tradition here in New York is you throw her in the Hudson River."

Roker then jumped in with: "Which is different than OUR tradition ... which is you throw one of us under the bus, but that’s another story."

The anchors laughed, but everyone must have been aware of Roker's reference: Lauer is considered the main reason why Ann Curry was unceremoniously fired from her Today Show post earlier this summer.

Oh, to have been a fly on the set wall when the show went to commercial.

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I didn't.t like sav Guthrie from the much so I went to gma.i like them all, can be seri ous and fun. They all seem to like each other a lot that is something the today show lacks


I stopped watching too. Al, you are clearly a good friend and a gentleman. Something Matt Lauer knows nothing about. Heard ratings are down, guess Savanah you'll be next - because Matt must have something on the Network.


I had a suspicion that Matt Lauer was the reason Ann Curry was fired. Well, I would have rather seen him leave than Ann. I did not like Meredith at all. I have been watching the TODAY show for years, but I think I will now switch to another morning show. For all I care, you could fire Matt. I like Savanah somewhat, Natalie somewhat, Al Roker a great deal. But Matt--in my book thinks too highly of himself. And what happened to Ann being at the Olympics with the other TODAY show members--only a short segment. Sorry, that's just how I feel.


So proud of you AL! It's about time someone stand up for Ann.


viva Al Roker
Lauer kiss my a$$you old bastard


I stopped watching the Today show after Ann left. I heard what Al said on another news program. Good for you Al. Mat is who they should rid of. Someone on the show needs to stand up for Ann.


Great going Al Roker, you're tops! God bless you for telling the truth. Steve Capus and Jim Bell are Now probably figuring out how to get rid of Al Roker, but America won't let those two mean, vicious, cruel dudes fire Al Roker like they fired Ann Curry. They'd better NOT mess with Al for exposing Matt Lauer as the overpaid rat that he is. We love you Al Roker.


wish I could have seen it...


Al Roker I wrote about last night before the show today. He by far is the most crude and stupid one one on the show including Matt Savannah and the entire CREW. The show will be finished with ratings soon since the people will all be fired. The just spent 16 days in London spending $10,000 a day ++++ and then act like they are Gods Gift. The Olympics coverage was the worst and always will be. NBC you need to lose the race. Matt needs to be removed and FIRED like Donald Trump says YOUR FIRED. Really bad
and overpaid for sure by $24M


Good for you, Al! Way to stand up for your friend! I am impressed.