Adele and Simon Konecki: Engaged? Married?!

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We know Adele is pregnant, but reports are saying that she and soon-to-be baby daddy Simon Konecki may be engaged - or even married! - as well.

A little more than a month away from welcoming her first child, the "Rumour Has It" singer was glowing as she showed off her baby bump in Scotland.

But is there a second reason for that glow?

Adele Secret Wedding

Adele, who's been with Simon Konecki for over a year now, was sporting a gold wedding band on her ring finger, Life & Style claims in its latest issue.

"Adele and Simon managed to keep the baby news a secret for so long that there are rumors they've already gotten married, too," reveals an insider.

"She's an old-fashioned girl and can't wait to be part of a family unit with Simon ... [Adele] just wants to focus on the baby and the man she loves."

We're skeptical that Adele is either engaged or married, but that's what L&S is saying. Also in the latest edition of this celebrity gossip publication:

  • The fairy tale being over for Emily Maynard and Jef Holm
  • Taylor Swift getting ATTACKED by the Kennedys
  • Kate Middleton making baby plans

Crazy, almost certainly untrue stuff all around.


Oops wrong article. Ignore my previous comment.


I don't know, I think Kim is the dumbest. Kourtney actually has a college degree, she's the only girl in the family that has one. Khloe seems the most street smart but kourtney might be the most book smart. Of course that isn't saying much. Kourt is such a nag, and she's so annoying. If I had to deal with her all the time I'd want to be f*cked up too. Poor Scott, I think he's actually pretty funny and has the best personality on the show. He's the one i would most like to hang out with. He's narcissistic, selfish, and rude but pretty darn funny and entertaining. On the rare occasion anymore that I do watch the show, it's for him. Only thing I don't like is when he's rude to Bruce, because Bruiser is the only one that's actually accomplished something and is famous for a good reason... Or really any reason at all. Otherwise when Scott is a d*ck to Kris Jenner or any of the girls, they usually deserve it.

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