Adam Lambert Shows Off New Tattoo

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Adam Lambert has expanded on his new look.

Fresh off dyeing his hair blonde, the former American Idol runner-up and rumored future American Idol judge has freshly inked his forearm, getting a new tattoo that reads “Musica Delenit Bestiam Feram.

The Latin sentence translates to “music soothes the savage beast.”

Adam Lambert Tattoo

Lambert is a busy man these days.

Aside from permanently marking his body and promoting his new album, the artist also filmed an upcoming guest-starring spot on Pretty Little Liars over the weekend. He'll appear on that ABC Family drama's special Halloween episode.

What do you think of Lambert's new tattoo?


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If he were on Idol , would we be able hear him sing? Miss him in the spot light. His performance with Queen was as good as the original, wish there was more news of the concert of a lifetime . That alone would have skyrocket his career !


I love the blond hair on Adam & the new tattoo i like next to the key as i love skeletons.


I love this tattoo!!!
hi Adam,
my name is vanessa landmann and I live in germany. I´ve got a big problem. I want to send you a picture that I draw by my own so you can sign it and send it bag. I always want to go to one of your concerts but there isn´t the money. It would be my biggest dream that you sign my picture!!! please help I haven´t a address to send it.
love Vanessa


Message to BeGone: Nobody speaks Latin. It's considered a "dead" language. However, many English words are derived from Latin and Latin is still used in the creation of new words in modern languages. Many Latin terms and phrases are still in use today, especially in legal documents, academic certificates and obviously tattoos.


I love his new tatoo and the verse realy touched my heart:)


If you were cool (like Adam), then you'd know the answer to that!!! :)


Does he speak Latin? If so, then its cool. If not, then it seems hes trying to be cool. No? Why do ppl get tattoos in languages that they don't speak?


I love the tattoo AND the blond hair. Who am I kidding, I love that Adam just goes for it, does whatever the heck make him happy, and keeps his fans entertained at the same time. He's in Japan right now, probably shopping for something outrageous to make us laugh. I often wonder if fans of other artists have as much fun as we do........... TRESPASSING, Queen concerts, maybe AI judge, PLL Glampire. Yep, the excitement never stops.

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