50 Cent on Kim Kardashian: Total Trash!

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If Kim Kardashian and Kanye West ever do get married - which first would entail Kim getting divorced from Kris Humphries - we can think of someone who will not be included on the wedding guest list.

In a recent interview with XXL Magazine, 50 Cent was asked about Kayne’s new track, “Perfect Bitch,” which the rapper has admitted was penned with Kardashian in mind.

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"If that man feel like she’s perfect, then she’s perfect," Fiddy replied. "He could mean it and you’ll end up singing the words to it because he’s Kanye.”

And then the artist provided this kicker: “You know how it is? One man’s trash is another man’s treasure."

Whoa! Hello! Zinger... served!

As you study yet another Kim Kardashian Twit pic, sound off on 50 Cent's evaluation: Is Kim trash or treasure?


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@Lucia, Chelsey handler is trash because why????? She speaks the truth. That's not trashy? Its weak woman like yourself who can't handle the truth. She's a hard working woman with a real job who started from nothing. Chelsey runs her shit. Needs no one for shit. Didn't f*$k on tape to get what she has. If kim k didn't have that pathetic ass sex tape with al her fake moans she wouldn't be shit. She would be living off her trust fund. Not only is she a whore, she has no substance. Can anyone repeat anything she has ever said that was substantially accurate????? She cares about herself and that's that. You see how she treats her sisters. You're a fool. I feel bad for you. America is messing these girls up.


Good call fiddy fiddly fiddle piching*.*once a dawg always a dawg ruff ruff


@ Tony montana yeaaahhh nice to know you all up in 50 cents bidness loser . Get a hobby and do something good for humans .


lovey 50cent plees kmam entha ieaq of kurdstan


@Gw, 50 has one son. You're not typical female trash you're just trash.


Sounds like jealousy to me. I hate ...hate but rap does nothing to empower the blacks. Bill Cosby is right....It's Slave music! Not good the soul.


Yeah I'm pretty sure he's calling her trash... Cause she is! Nasty ass bitch.


Awhhhh thats just 50 talkin out his ass ... I mean his mouth . What an ass to call a woman trash when he talks smack about everyone else . How many kids does he have ? Like 7 right ?! Typical male trash


Sorry it's no lie to say that kim k is pure trash. The public can see. It's been a day or only so many hours since the over 30 tramp posted attention starved pictures of herself agan............. LOL!


Well,i dnt really tink 50cent is actually calling kim a trash nd she's neither a treasure.He's only comparing.Wel he's right dat is d world 4u odas might nt giv a shit abt u while sm are ready 2giv their lives 4u.anyway KIM ride on

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