2016: Obama's America Documentary Rallies the Opposition

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The controversial new documentary 2016: Obama's America became a bona fide box office hit over the weekend, grossing $6.3 million and rallying conservatives in the run-up to the Republican National Convention this week in Tampa, Fla.

Dinesh D’Souza and John Sullivan’s film opened last month in just a few theaters, but has now earned over $9 million, tops among documentaries in 2012.

The anti-Barack Obama film offers a speculative, conservative vision of the President's second term, should he win one at the ballot box this November.

Spoiler alert: Said vision is not pretty.

2016: Obama's America has been advertised and promoted heavily on talk radio and was distributed to coincide with this week's Mitt Romney-led convention.

Reactions to the film have been predictably mixed, as the true believers in D’Souza's anti-Obama crusade will be even more fired up ... as will Obama supporters.

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Wow, this is some seriously crazy stuff... ! What is up with you people over there in the USA? You really wanna believe this insane propaganda bullcrap? I am shocked... Open your eyes, people! There hasn´t been any liberty in your country in a long time. You are all being manipulated by the propaganda machine that is the Conservative party. They constantly put you in fear and create concepts of the enemy. G.W. Bush was a master at doing that. It is the same concept as in Nazi Germany. Systematically fuelling the hatred. Don´t let it happen again!!!


@EYES- ALL EYES ARE ON TAMPA AND THE RAG NETWORK CNN IS - OF COURSE SETTING THE BOGUS BULLSHIT TABLE! I know you don't watch that crap and with good reason! These bastards make it up as the go along! Wolf Shitzer- and his Chickenweasels! According to them it's BREAKING NEWS-Its a tie in North Carolina! Oh yeah eyes- I'm guessing they have the inside scoop? Wolf says and because of Medicare and all the retired people - Obama has a lead in Florida. Then his co-anchor says no wolf actually Romney has a lead with Seniors! Freakin idiots! Now they are CONCERENED with Chris C. tone because of the Hurricane impact! These Bastards will do anything but tell the truth.

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