2016: Obama's America Documentary Rallies the Opposition

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The controversial new documentary 2016: Obama's America became a bona fide box office hit over the weekend, grossing $6.3 million and rallying conservatives in the run-up to the Republican National Convention this week in Tampa, Fla.

Dinesh D’Souza and John Sullivan’s film opened last month in just a few theaters, but has now earned over $9 million, tops among documentaries in 2012.

The anti-Barack Obama film offers a speculative, conservative vision of the President's second term, should he win one at the ballot box this November.

Spoiler alert: Said vision is not pretty.

2016: Obama's America has been advertised and promoted heavily on talk radio and was distributed to coincide with this week's Mitt Romney-led convention.

Reactions to the film have been predictably mixed, as the true believers in D’Souza's anti-Obama crusade will be even more fired up ... as will Obama supporters.

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Did you know thg is a partner wit a big company called SHE KNOWS i wonder if they would like matts racist words and anti gay rants plus the blocking of emails ip addresses and erasing of opinions .I checked and thg is ranked the worst celebrity site .If anyone hates the ravist views on matts thg give SHE KNOWS a email they will love matts rants.


Near impossible? Have u seen the polls? U do know they are pretty much fighting for the 7% in the middle don't u? If everyone loves Romney why is this such a close race?


Awww Matt once again completely ignores a comment and goes on to spew another rant. How surprising. Lol that's what happens when u know ur in the wrong u just jump onto another topic. And honey come on u know I'm in Tampa. I Know so much behind the scene rnc info it would give u a wet dream. U don't have to tell me what's going on in dwn town Tampa my TAX dollars paid for it


ALL rep. Eyes are on unfair and unbalanced fox news, what a joke!
Slam Obama all you want! He will win again in November! Despite all this crap being said. Corporate greedy Mitt Gloves and his tea party man ryan- you spent your money wisely, that is to loose!!Obama 2012!!!!!!!!


Even if the film is based on speculation, it gives you an idea of why, this joke of a president, Obama, is so against the American way of life, and doing all In his power, to destroy it. Romney/Ryan 2012.


Just not enough room is there Chely! Not enough room to put all your thoughts on! Chely- you won't see him tonight but you will see him- BILL CLINTON! Watch Bill! CHELY - BILL IS HAVING A HARD TIME LYING FOR OBAMA! Read his body language and watch how he just smiles at the end of a topic! It's an embarrassed smile- The reason I say this is because Bill is the best your Democrats have and the Blacks in the Democratic party stabbed Hillary in the back in 08. It will be near impossible to pull this election off for Democrats. Obama has no record Chely and your dream of having the rich white man fork over his Money ain't gonna happen.


Ahhh yes- that Ball N Chain named Chely! Or is it Pinkster,or Tequila or Neci- maybe I could call you- " Plain screwed up" I suppose. Chely Belly- I just saw that useless President of yours on a TV commercial asking people to donate $10 for his campaign. A few months ago it was $3 but I guess time is got him in a desperate state? He's begging Chely Belly! Chely listen to me- THE ONLY CHANCE YOUR IGNORANT ASS HAS AT AN EDUCATION IS BY LISTENING TO ME TALK! The convention is on tonight and Chely you stay home, you being a Democrat is not something to be proud of, besides you look guilty I'm sure.


Seriously how smart can a person who thinks only Americans are affected by the president be? He obviously doesn't grasp the concept that any American president has great effects on countries all over the world. We involved other countries in our 11 ye war we have going on right now but I'm sure Matt just thinks Americans have fought in Iraq and afgan . Hell America was also the first domino in the world economy fiasco. Decisions that our politicians made directly effected the rest of the world but I guess that doesn't entitle u to an opinion to some people. This is why people need to learn more before they say who should or shouldn't be able to comment on topics.


Mia some people here are just very easily duped because the party is now bigger than the politicians. Instead of each politician being judged for what they do in and out of office people now stick to their party and will defend the ignorance of that party until they turn blue in the face. It's sad and its the reason politicians get away with everything they have done. And don't mind Matt he's one of those "dumb Americans" that other countries love to hate. He's so scared he may actually learn something from other countries he just dismisses all other countries as socialist. For some reason he seems to think only America has democracy and any person or country who disagrees with him is socialist.it is like u say a scare tactic that has been used all of Obama's presidency but people who actually know what a true socialist is don't fall for it.


Once again someone who claims to be from another country trying to lecture the USA on propaganda. Fear? You mean like - taking away abortion rights? Or is it homophobia? Maybe it's that wicked Tea Party who will sleep into your home in the middle of the night and cast spells! The USA doesn't need to take lessons from any other country especially Britian unless of course everyone decides to give up and become a socialist environment. OBAMAS time is up and the Liberal fear tactic will not work.