Yolanda Pecoraro: The Next Mrs. Tom Cruise?

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Hey, have you heard? Tom Cruise is single again.

In light of the actor's divorce from Katie Holmes, and with many believing Scientology is to blame for the couple's split, the National Enquirer quotes an expert on that religion who says Cruise will next marry somebody from within the church.

Specifically, Yolanda Pecoraro!

Tom Cruise on Set
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The actress is a "Scientology princess, perfect for Tom," according to a tabloid source, who adds that Pecoraro has been taking Scientology courses since she was 13 years old.

Moreover, Yolanda admits she knows Cruise and is neither married nor engaged. Score!

"With the embarrassment his divorce has caused the church, they want to stabilize the situation quickly," the insider says, adding that Pecoraro and Cruise met in 2004 and the latter paid for the former to attend Scientology courses in Hollywood.

Even if Cruise somehow does not select Pecoraro, few believe he won't marry again. The only question remaining: which young Hollywood star is in need of the Tom Cruise Bump and will negotiate a contract accept his proposal of love?

Choose from these options or submit your own:


I think he should marry John Travolta. They both are gay, both scientologists and they could pay Debbie Rowe to have a kid for them.


Just come out already Tom and Travolta too...worst la la land secret ever! All the success to ya’ll but alien believers and actors are ‘all’ generally screwed up narcissistic delusional people who need help but the trouble is they have money, money and more money and many many minions/‘people’/sycophants (you get the gist) who piss in their pockets and tell them it’s raining. Not delusional fans these folks are on their payroll. The truth is not in their stratosphere and nor do they want it to be. They make up their own truth which often changes too. At the end of the day they are people and I may seem like I hold them in contempt due to my thoughts/comments but this is not true. The fact is we live in a very sick morally corrupt self serving and pleasure seeking at any and all cost world. What did you expect?




OK. I wasn't going to comment on this one, but then I read the choices. Why on earth would someone like Kate Upton or some of the others even consider going out with this weird person? Maybe the Scientology lady might, but why put the other choices up there? Maybe it was a joke.


Message to Gay men of America - KEEP YOUR FAGGY MITTS OFF THE WOMEN, OK!! This will be a tragic waste of yet another hot woman!


Must be nice to have "people" set you up with a hot babe.


I just don't know why tom cruise does not come out of the closet if you did come out of the closet I think you need simpson band maneros that's me the honor I would like to give him some sweet lovin that he can't get for my woman and I'm talking about the butt love


This whole situation is so creepy and a little depressing. They talk about Tom Cruise selecting his next wife like a presidential candidate selecting a running mate.


Bristol Palin. She's the perfect age and a strong conservative woman who will whip his ass into shape. Plus he'd be a great dad for Trig. AND (plus!) she's of slightly below average intelligence, so will tolerate his eccentricities. AND (major plus!) she looks awesome since her facial reconstructive surgery.


Any cute guy!


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