Yolanda Pecoraro: The Next Mrs. Tom Cruise?

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Hey, have you heard? Tom Cruise is single again.

In light of the actor's divorce from Katie Holmes, and with many believing Scientology is to blame for the couple's split, the National Enquirer quotes an expert on that religion who says Cruise will next marry somebody from within the church.

Specifically, Yolanda Pecoraro!

Tom Cruise on Set
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The actress is a "Scientology princess, perfect for Tom," according to a tabloid source, who adds that Pecoraro has been taking Scientology courses since she was 13 years old.

Moreover, Yolanda admits she knows Cruise and is neither married nor engaged. Score!

"With the embarrassment his divorce has caused the church, they want to stabilize the situation quickly," the insider says, adding that Pecoraro and Cruise met in 2004 and the latter paid for the former to attend Scientology courses in Hollywood.

Even if Cruise somehow does not select Pecoraro, few believe he won't marry again. The only question remaining: which young Hollywood star is in need of the Tom Cruise Bump and will negotiate a contract accept his proposal of love?

Choose from these options or submit your own:


Thomas Cruise Maphoter IV : Yolanda Pecoraro no es mi novia y no existe en mi vida es un noviazgo falso que se debe eliminar de la internet, la mujer solo sugiere porno, vestido de baño y mujeres Yolanda Pecoraro es homosexual y puede atacar con frecuencia Tom Cruise la llama puta e hija de puta dice que es una prensa intentó ennoviarlo la verdad el abogado recomendó que demandara a esa mujer que con todas sus publicaciones falsas nos lastiman, dice que puede tener 8 años de cárcel Yolanda Pecoraro pide no ser publicada con Tom Cruise dice que el novio es el fotógrafo Larry con quién debe casarse y dejarnos en paz.


He'll die before he marries again


If Tom does marry again, it should be to a short Scientologist.


I lik u but............


So I ask you, could the Court of Public Opinion take a moment and consider Katie's role in all of this. Perhaps she isn't so goody goody. Perhaps SHE was miserable to live with. Perhaps she had to have things "just so". Perhaps she was moody beyond belief... And on and on. My point being: Maybe all those who point their fingers at Tom should take a reprieve and point them towards Katie. Or better yet, how about NO finger pointing at all???


Tom needs an older, more experienced, man. Who are we talking about here? He has no interest in women. Katie Holmes was the best thing for him and he can't keep her. I say he should go with Elton John.
Leave the women for us men who know how to enjoy them.


you lost katie because she's not the right one just take your time and this is probably the reason that ""THE PERFECT ONE "" will come.


Katy Perry. no doubt in my mind about it! I can already see it coming!


tom shuld be single!to fast to soon for any one!


Why are you only considering those under 30? Maybe he would go for a woman older than that. He does have dignity. And he just got divorced ... leave him be a while! How would you like being intruded on like this?!


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