Willow Smith Debuts Music Video for "I Am Me"

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Willow Smith is back with a new music video.

The 11-year old debuted "I Am Me" at last night's BET Awards, an event that handed out hardware to Jay-Z, Beyonce and Chris Brown, among others.

Willow attended the ceremony with brother Jaden and did not win any trophies, but did she make an impression with the following track, which centers on her search for identity and her rally against critics. Lyrics include:

Express myself cause it’s my liberty/I’ve been lookin’ /Your validation is just not that important to me.

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R u all stupids talking unnecessary about a young girl this song is beautiful and she is also good looking why u people making that young girl shameful in society she shaved her hair just for her stylish u people saying that she is the g... Dont you people have sense at all


Dont know wether or not she is its just 11 years old is to darn early to be talking about being gay. Dont people have anything bettet to do.


There is no legitimate reason to JUSTIFY anyone's hatred to any group of people.
She's beautiful. She's not gross. She's an individual.
And she isn't too young to be singing this song. She's telling everyone that they won't stop her from being who she is. Which is wonderful, there are too many people out there who let others stop them from doing what they want. As for the "shaving her head and faking a tongue piercing for attention bit" I respect your opinion on it. But I'm huge on piercings and tattoos, and when I was younger put fake ones in place to see what they looked like. Shaved hair is amazing on certain girls, and they don't just do it for attention.


im 12 and i think she is right to sing this song because so many people critisize her for being different so good on her


I'm 11 to but I would never shave my head and get a "fake" peircing just for attention. She looks more like her brother on this pic. Smh


Hey I don't care I just want to know I'm 11 to but not gay and stop saying she is to young these days 5 year olds have guns so chill and her mama and dad ain't got nothing to do with it


willows allowed to be who she wants to be herself she's free no one can tell her what and not to do!


Is this child 12 or 22 ?
He doesn't look like a girl.


The song is wonderful


Love the song but she too young to be singing it ... She like 11 her parents should not let her grow up so fast !! @ Wyatt u funny but u put a lil too much details understand u gay m proud but wen u say sjit like tht all the anti gays out there will use this to justify their hatred against the gay community