William Balfour Sentenced to Trio of Life Sentences

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William Balfour will never be a free man again. A judge in Chicago made sure of that today.

The 31-year old who was found guilty in May of killing Jennifer Hudson's mother, brother and nephew was sentenced to three consecutive life sentences today, appearing inside a courtroom and maintaining his innocence until the end.

Hudson was also present at the sentencing.

William Balfour Booking Photo

During the hearing, a judge looked directly at Balfour and told him: "Your soul is as barren as dark space."

Balfour was convicted of triple murder, home innovation and residential burglary after he went into a jealous rage in 2008 because he believed his ex-girlfriend has received a present from another man.

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@ TNT the sad part is that many people can not see beyond the color of skin. Once people figure out we are all part of the same race (human) then our world will be so much better! Maybe then many crimes will cease! As far as Jennifer Hudson`s family, I hope this sentence brings you peace! May God bless you!


Quit showing your ignorance! Im talking to both white & black (and whoever else) ppl commenting on this page! If a white man had done these same horrific crimes, he would have got the same thing..actually the death penalty would have been better! @Jen-White/black ppl do the exact same things! Educate yourself! You're making yourself look STUPID! Apparently, you're racist...so why are u mad at other racists? Its ridiculous either way! Grow up & quit blaming other ppl for your problems! Quit looking at color-Look at the person! This guy deserved what he got!


I think you meant to say "invasion" not home "Innovation"..


im glad to.c thtt justice was served.tis fam kneed sum peace tey finally got..God dont lik ugly @nd,yu can best believe hes going to hve to answer fr wat he has did.and haa caused..God bless yu..my prayers and blessings are w her and her fam...


....my bad...that was @ Negroes got to go!!!


.....thats whats wrong with this world.....STUPID ASS WHITE FOLK LIKE YOU!!!!! Your as ignorant if NOT MORE.than your mamma cus she shouldve did a better job in raising you.... Embarassing as hell.....if you dont like shit the way it is ( cus its not gonna change ) then you need to move your ass to Russia....plenty of white folk there!!!! Racist muthafucka!!!!!!!!!


So glad justice was served to the Hudson family. He deserved all 3 life sentences for sure.




Pretty sure you mean evasion not home innovation. LOLOLOL