Why Does Liam Hemsworth Love Miley Cyrus?

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Liam Hemsworth is set to marry Miley Cyrus. And maybe even have the singer's baby.

What, exactly has drawn the Australian actor to this young mega star?

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth

"She’s extremely happy and has a sense of humor about life," Hemsworth tells InStyle. "Happy, positive, fun - those qualities are good in anyone."

Liam also says he adores Miley's "Southern accent" and "the South in general. There’s a lot of deep-fried food, and the people really remind me of Australians - very laid back."

The couple is yet to set a date for its nuptials... but perhaps the ceremony will take place in New York. If only for the food options.

"I love the New York-style thin crust," Liam tells the magazine. "I don’t cook that much anymore, but I like doing stir-fry and pastas, or I’ll coat shrimp with shredded coconut and fry them in coconut oil."

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Wow everyone on here who is dissing Miley must not have a life. She seems like a really great person. Who fucking cares if she has made a few mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. it's part of being human!!!!!! She's not a whore. And I bet Liam really does love her. She's gorgeous and nice, who wouldn't want to marry her??? Give me exact examples of when she was whore or seemed like bitch. I bet you can't so lay off Miley. She's better than all you pathetic losers on this site who are dissing her. Everyone else who likes Miley or who is encouraging her, you are good in my book.


i love them there a good couple


good for them there a good couple and he should marry her but just take things slowly before something happens and liam cut but u need more personality for miley to say yes and miley when u say yes u should stop with those dirty clothes and act appopriote with him and just have with each other


@marlie,she doesn't need attention,she's been famous enough and you know that.


@Marlie: You say that like it's a bad thing when it's not. Attention-seeking is NORMAL for celebrities and practically a requirement for being a pop star. Attention-seeking isn't necessarily a bad thing. She's no more of an attention-seeker than your average star. @jaan black: You don't know her or him. You don't know anything about their engagement. You're just making assumptions based on your biased puritanical mentality, and you sound bitter. @random: You obviously don't know what a whore means. Either you're uneducated and can't think for yourself, or you're a prude who assumes that if a woman rejects abstinence and modesty, she's automatically a whore.


Liam dont do it your making a big mistake she is a whore a ho a b**** she did drugs and etc. shes using you to get famous again no one i know likes her

Jaan black

he's not in love with this trick, she begged him to propose for HER career's sake - yes, they've been dating a long time and probably like each other but I don't buy that he'd want to get married right now and to HER


Y Miley cyrus the girl was like the new brittney spears and we all know
How far brittany got .... Ok mabe she cleaned up her act a bit. An mabe u luv her
But once u get married have her stop actting like or be4 ur very 👀 eyes
She MIte be cheating on u just a heads up


"She’s extremely happy and has a sense of humor about life," Hemsworth tells InStyle. "Happy, positive, fun - those qualities are good in anyone." Liam also says he adores Miley's "Southern accent" and "the South in general. A word of caution:
These statements describe 25% of the United States. They are general and cute but not the basis for marriage. Liam get a grip.


I hear she kissed another gurl. gurl or boy she shouldnt be kissing anyone but her fiance. Well he is probally upset. I hope. It isnt a box of candies and roses for her.

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