White People's Day: Chris Rock July 4 Tweet Sparks Debate, Outrage

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In wishing people a Happy White People's Day July 4, Chris Rock stirred up debate and sparked controversy as many accused the outspoken comedian of racism.

On Independence Day, the star fired off the following tweet: “Happy white peoples independence day the slaves weren’t free but I’m sure they enjoyed fireworks.”

Predictably, some people went absolutely ballistic.

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Rock is, of course, 100 percent correct in noting that black people in America were kept as slaves and treated horribly - for nearly a century after 1776, no less.

This is accepted as fact and with shame by almost everyone, but the Tweet struck a nerve with many who seem to really hate black people mentioning slavery.

Nearly 150 years after the Emancipation Proclamation, so-called “reverse racism” achieves little and widens our divisions, or so the common argument goes.

Wrote one non-fan: “Chris Rock says ‘happy white people’s independence day.’ Racist lefties keep throwing gas on the fire to keep the hate alive. #tcot #loser”

That may be partially true, but it's also silly to think that if you stopped mentioning it, or acknowledging it did exist and still exists, that it would cease to.

He's also just a comedian having fun, so people probably shouldn't get TOO fired up one way or the other, but it clearly remains a pretty sensitive topic.

What do you think of Chris Rock's Tweet?


Pauly you are nothing but a bully & I can't believe after reading all of your s*** you agree w/ Lana! WTF?
Lana I agree with you but I think I'd get tired of being bullied, too so it doesn't surprise me that some here have fought back.
Kyrez & whoisit your replies have been great to read.
As for me, while I've been entertained, I'm very sad by the amount of racism that has been put on this site. This country is undergoing major changes & even though it might seem silly, I really do wish everyone could get along. I've also realized that what's been said about cyber bullying is true!


Black people should feel lucky, they could still be stuck in poverty stricken Africa. If anybody should have complaints it should be the Indians whom had there country taken from them.


@kyd rez- glad to hear it! I get so tired of these guys spewing their ignorant bs while they hide behind their keyboards. They don't seem to be able to intelligently construct a sentence, let alone utilize spell check! Plus it's hysterical they assume they think they know who I am. It sure did get quiet though, didn't it? LOL


@Pauly-the ony thing that's scary about you is everything you lack - intelligence, common sense & basic human decency. You are the one who has been physically threatening me & others here. If you can't take a simple debate without resorting to bullying & violence then that'll be your problem when the cops come knocking on your door for the crimes you are currently commiting.

Tobys massa

Whats that z-lister ranking for?

Tobys massa



@Wholslt; I am a programmer, and know the terminal well. I can hack his ass in 14 pieces. The little shit Pauly, is just a number, and he doesn't even know it. As for @Toby's Massa, well you cannot spell, nor correctly draft a complete driven sentence. Remember to stay on key with the subject clause, and predicate. You are fucking funny, for you are a coward. So love what I am, and hate what will become of you. Remember one thing, you are Bantha Fodder, and I shit on racist bitches like you for lunch. AHAHA! Internet racist!! Get some balls.


Everyone - see how racist comments divine us Americans and bring out the worst in everyone? Serena Williams just won Wimbledon today. I'm happy for her and glad that she won because she is an AMERICAN!



Tobys massa

LOL @ kydrez Bulling me thats funnier than a retard eatin hotwings

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