White People's Day: Chris Rock July 4 Tweet Sparks Debate, Outrage

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In wishing people a Happy White People's Day July 4, Chris Rock stirred up debate and sparked controversy as many accused the outspoken comedian of racism.

On Independence Day, the star fired off the following tweet: “Happy white peoples independence day the slaves weren’t free but I’m sure they enjoyed fireworks.”

Predictably, some people went absolutely ballistic.

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Rock is, of course, 100 percent correct in noting that black people in America were kept as slaves and treated horribly - for nearly a century after 1776, no less.

This is accepted as fact and with shame by almost everyone, but the Tweet struck a nerve with many who seem to really hate black people mentioning slavery.

Nearly 150 years after the Emancipation Proclamation, so-called “reverse racism” achieves little and widens our divisions, or so the common argument goes.

Wrote one non-fan: “Chris Rock says ‘happy white people’s independence day.’ Racist lefties keep throwing gas on the fire to keep the hate alive. #tcot #loser”

That may be partially true, but it's also silly to think that if you stopped mentioning it, or acknowledging it did exist and still exists, that it would cease to.

He's also just a comedian having fun, so people probably shouldn't get TOO fired up one way or the other, but it clearly remains a pretty sensitive topic.

What do you think of Chris Rock's Tweet?


Hay where white people slaves some where in the world at one time. I cant wait when there's W.E.T TV we have B.E.T you think the Cris rock's of the world will be pissed off . So who care's only people who don't have any thing to bitch about . PS how come only black people can say Nigger and get away with it if nigger is a bad word they should not say it. but I am not a PC person this is the USA say what you want as long as you don't i want to kill you. One more thing who sold black people to us .Hmmm was it other blacks well that was a long time a go lets all live to gether now OK stop complaining


Doesn't Chris know that slavery was a big business in the African continent. There was the trans-Atlantic, before that Arab slave trade, and before that African tribes go to war with other African tribes and sell them to the Muslims and Europeans. Blacks in the U.S don't know their history.


Just so he remembers, when we say "screw you" we'll back it with guns.


I'm sick of the reverse racism, example: BET god forbid if we had a white entertainment television. I'm sorry but that was 150 yrs ago and why am I still paying for it now? We need to move forward not backward.


Where would the world be without white people? History proves that the building of the modern world was spurned by white people and their inventions. If you don't like America's history Chris, which we should note cannot be changed, move to Africa.


Ignoring it will make it go away...Right. The first rule of solving a problem is acknowledging that a problem exists. Racism still exists for all humanity. Understanding is not humanity's defining attribute. That said, it was a joke and a play on the racism that the black community still suffers, that I have suffered. Perhaps these things would not be mentioned if racism did not STILL occur on a daily basis. Racism is more subtle, but not yet erased. "Shutting up" about it does not change this unfortunate fact.


Yes and fourth of july is not a white holiday.....Blacks are also off work that day as well.


to crossmaker,Dr.Kings birthday is not a black holiday,whites are also off from work on that day!!!


Chris Rock is a racist pig......oink oink oink.
Happy black people day on martin luther kings birthday Chris!!!!!


There is no need to be so excited over a comedian telling a joke that is true. For instance:
What is the difference between a black person and a pile of dog crap?
In three days the dog crap quits stinking and turns white!
This is also the truth, right?

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