White People's Day: Chris Rock July 4 Tweet Sparks Debate, Outrage

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In wishing people a Happy White People's Day July 4, Chris Rock stirred up debate and sparked controversy as many accused the outspoken comedian of racism.

On Independence Day, the star fired off the following tweet: “Happy white peoples independence day the slaves weren’t free but I’m sure they enjoyed fireworks.”

Predictably, some people went absolutely ballistic.

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Rock is, of course, 100 percent correct in noting that black people in America were kept as slaves and treated horribly - for nearly a century after 1776, no less.

This is accepted as fact and with shame by almost everyone, but the Tweet struck a nerve with many who seem to really hate black people mentioning slavery.

Nearly 150 years after the Emancipation Proclamation, so-called “reverse racism” achieves little and widens our divisions, or so the common argument goes.

Wrote one non-fan: “Chris Rock says ‘happy white people’s independence day.’ Racist lefties keep throwing gas on the fire to keep the hate alive. #tcot #loser”

That may be partially true, but it's also silly to think that if you stopped mentioning it, or acknowledging it did exist and still exists, that it would cease to.

He's also just a comedian having fun, so people probably shouldn't get TOO fired up one way or the other, but it clearly remains a pretty sensitive topic.

What do you think of Chris Rock's Tweet?


Chris Rock is the funniest person alive. As for "reverse racism", it an trumped up term for racists to justify their own. Dear Mr. Hickey - you didn't get the movie at all. Head of State was a pre-documentary (90% accurate) of the 2008 campaign including the result.


I see stupidity as a whole is yet in full force and at it's worst. I believe although the statement,although a little tasteless is still the truth, ignoring or hating the fact doesn't erase this truth. It would be different if this wasn't still going on today,and excuse me , but don't put all blacks in a box , some , no, most of us blacks in America do know our history, and know exactly how slavery began, is that the excuse you want to use, we sold our own people, does that make it okay, still stuck on stupid after all this time. My suggestion to you is dig a little deeper, apparantly , YOU don't know our history either,and as far as the comment of we can back our screw yous up with guns, trust me it's the same for any race, you're a fool to believe otherwise.


Excuse me but racism is racism no matter which direction it moves. The term reverse racism implies that racism is only supposed to go one way. I'm sick of white people using that term thinking that they shouldn't experience the same discrimination that they have delved out for centuries and still continues to this day!!!


yeah he thinks obama is da bomb when he should think back to the days when he was making a movie called head of state. obama does everything he was against in that movie obama is a dick


blacks worked 200 plus years with no pay and the wealth of America was gained during this time period - Forget racism - give us our damned money with interest if it wasn't a big deal - i'll get over slavery when we get paid...no such thing as reverse racism - only those with a systematic plan to keep a group of people down on the basis of race can be racist - so All white people - you are the only racist in America!


no whites stole inventions from blacks, get it right!
thats ok though, because its about to be taken back!
reaping what you sow sucks!
carring hate, it comes back!


always playing the race card GET OVER IT "affirmative action" in action. if it was a white person cracking jokes all hell would break lose.


Well said, Mark.....about the selling of slaves! Hit the nail right on the head. I find Chris Rock very funny actually!!


Everyone here is just whinning about crap that doesnt matter! Instead of complaining, do something to make the world a better place. We all know the government is screwed up, try working on that!


when will you people learn how to spell! You are all just complainers like the people who are complaining about slavery!

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