White People's Day: Chris Rock July 4 Tweet Sparks Debate, Outrage

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In wishing people a Happy White People's Day July 4, Chris Rock stirred up debate and sparked controversy as many accused the outspoken comedian of racism.

On Independence Day, the star fired off the following tweet: “Happy white peoples independence day the slaves weren’t free but I’m sure they enjoyed fireworks.”

Predictably, some people went absolutely ballistic.

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Rock is, of course, 100 percent correct in noting that black people in America were kept as slaves and treated horribly - for nearly a century after 1776, no less.

This is accepted as fact and with shame by almost everyone, but the Tweet struck a nerve with many who seem to really hate black people mentioning slavery.

Nearly 150 years after the Emancipation Proclamation, so-called “reverse racism” achieves little and widens our divisions, or so the common argument goes.

Wrote one non-fan: “Chris Rock says ‘happy white people’s independence day.’ Racist lefties keep throwing gas on the fire to keep the hate alive. #tcot #loser”

That may be partially true, but it's also silly to think that if you stopped mentioning it, or acknowledging it did exist and still exists, that it would cease to.

He's also just a comedian having fun, so people probably shouldn't get TOO fired up one way or the other, but it clearly remains a pretty sensitive topic.

What do you think of Chris Rock's Tweet?


omg you all are stupid man who cares what the heck it was just a joke. none of us were a part of that era so why act like we were its 2013 man stop commentin on this shit and get back to your life... including myself.


And I do think Chris Rock's act is funny, and what he said is funny ... he's a comedian. None of us were around back then, so why not make some fun of it all?


My ancestors weren't anywhere near the US in 1776, but it's still okay by me if July 4th is a holiday. History is history. Blacks sold other blacks into slavery to make money, so it wasn't just a white thing. And white slaves were also common at that time all around the globe. So, in general things sucked in many ways for many people back then. The fact that the US declared independence from Great Britain, at least got it on a path to become what it is today -- still very imperfect but way better than many other places around the globe. Find me the nirvana everyone thinks is supposed to exist. No nation is perfect and history is bloody awful everywhere.


its okay by me i'm white and its the truth same as thanksgiving xmas easter ect. we all know what its like hate what you can't achieve take what you can't earn lie when the truth makes you look foolish..race war? ha ha..


@ Ing Got a life, but thanks anyway!


Im sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings but there are some stupid people on here. Lol all he's saying that the holiday's original purpose was to celebrate the formal signing of the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain. White people signed the document and most blacks were slaves. Therefore it's not their independence day. How is he stirring anything up? Lol that's a fact. Not mentioning something doesn't make that thing go away. SMDH


@ Ing Got oné! Thanks!


Get lives folks!


Ewwwwww...it's gettin' "ugly" here! I think somebody's overstepping the boundaries of "tolerance"....oh wait a minute! Just white folks are supposed to learn the lessons of tolerance..yeah, I forgot! You're pathetic! I get "p*ssed" off too at times but I certainly don't advocate the killing of certain targeted American citizens as a means of shoring up the racial divisiveness in our nation! Then you folks b*tch about the Trayvon Martin case--geez!


You know what...I think I have figured it out. Blacks such as "Pissed Off With White People" want the role reversal, their time to enslave whites, their time in history. They don't want equality, harmony, and unity amongst all. @Pissed: You need to learn more of what Dr. MLK jr. preached. MLK was brilliant person who had passion, love, and intelligence. Our country can not survive another civil war. Last question Pissed, Do you like Chinese food? Arabic? Korean? because thats what you will be eating on a daily basis if the US falls apart because of stupidity like this.

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