Vicki Gunvalson and Alexis Bellino to Be Cut From The Real Housewives of Orange County?

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They just reunited as a cast, but will The Real Housewives of Orange County be splitting up for Season 8?

Sources tell The New York Post that Bravo is seeking to freshen up the franchise, with producers having already sent an email saying they are looking for "fabulous affluent women and their families who live in amazing homes to potentially be on this series."

Which cast members may get the boot if new irritating, spoiled women are brought on board?

Not Real Housewives of Orange County

Vicki Gunvalson and Alexis Bellino.

The latter was slammed throughout Season 7 and rumors began to circulate last week that she may not return in 2013. She didn't exactly make a positive impression on executives when she left early during filming in Costa Rica a few months ago.

The future of Gunvalson is more unclear, but one possibility is for her pregnant 24-year-old daughter, Brianna Wolfsmith, to join the cast. She eloped last year and there's plenty of potential for fireworks there.

Would you be sad to see Vicki or Alexis go, viewers?

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Give Vicki and alexis the boot they both are getting on my nerves. They are so fact and lie about everything.


I agree about Heather. Such a pretentious know it all. Heather may be the phoniest of all. Ugh! She rubs me the wrong way in every way. She's sly about it but I see right through her. I do think also that she's jealous of Alexis bc she (heather) is not very pretty and Alexis is gorgeous. Cmon... You all know you see it too...




For heavens sakes, get rid of Heather Dubrow - talk about a phony!!!!


Give Vicki the BOOT. She is boring and a hypocrite. Her boyfriend makes me gag. Her face too! Mean but true


So you can't be sexy AND a church goer? Nonsense. Alexis is not a bad person, period. Annoying? Maybe sometimes. But she's got a good heart. There's no way you should dislike her and like Tamera. She (TB) is an mean, hurtful, awful human being. There's no comparison, really. I'm having a hard time understanding this one.


I hope Tamra does get hit with a big lawsuit. Tamra is mean to the core and is always ready to say something nasty to anyone standing still. She's just disgusting.


Alexis needs to go back to church not the set !
Phony phony phony !!! I bet her pastor is so proud of her half naked photos on facebook! Vicki is just annoying ! She needs to go too !


This show is becoming unwatchable. Can't stand all the low class drama! I starting watching these shows to see how the other half lives, not to watch a bunch of grown women act worse then any girl I ever knew in high school. Vicki and Alexis are the only two I can stomach anymore. If they go, Bravo has lost a viewer in me. Tamra is so completely white trash it's embarassing, Gretchen I used to like but she has become a jealous follower of Tamra. Heather I really thought I would like but she is almost as bad as Tamra. What grown woman starts as much BS as her? Classless!


Long time coming for those two wanna be's on the show... look forward to new cast members..

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