Vicki Gunvalson and Alexis Bellino to Be Cut From The Real Housewives of Orange County?

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They just reunited as a cast, but will The Real Housewives of Orange County be splitting up for Season 8?

Sources tell The New York Post that Bravo is seeking to freshen up the franchise, with producers having already sent an email saying they are looking for "fabulous affluent women and their families who live in amazing homes to potentially be on this series."

Which cast members may get the boot if new irritating, spoiled women are brought on board?

Not Real Housewives of Orange County

Vicki Gunvalson and Alexis Bellino.

The latter was slammed throughout Season 7 and rumors began to circulate last week that she may not return in 2013. She didn't exactly make a positive impression on executives when she left early during filming in Costa Rica a few months ago.

The future of Gunvalson is more unclear, but one possibility is for her pregnant 24-year-old daughter, Brianna Wolfsmith, to join the cast. She eloped last year and there's plenty of potential for fireworks there.

Would you be sad to see Vicki or Alexis go, viewers?

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I used to despise Tamra an still don't "love her" but I feel she is so much better than Alexis, Vicki or heather. I love Gretchen. she is smart and funny. But Vicki is a sanctimonious self riightious egotistical Biatch ever. She is so judgemental of others yet she can't see how she try's to control everyone. I think her daughter is right to worry about moms new partner. He is a sleez bag and she has the gall to call Simon. slide. Jim. Names ? I think her Ex was a saint to put up with her for so long. Be gone Ms Victoria. The wicked witch of OC.


Bravo needs to get rid of Tamra, Gretchen and especially Heather.
Tamra is a mean trailer park white trash and Heather is the phony
one. When somebody says that they don't want you in their show, it
is time to stop saying I'm an actress because you are a has been.


High 5's to all the smart women who have commented on this subject. Heather....Ugh...NO!!!! Vicky should stay. Her daughter, while sweet, is not interesting and gorgeous and should stay. Bravo, I hope you're reading this stuff. We're RIGHT about what we're saying. If you have to makes cuts then Heather and her homely looking husband should be in the first thang smokin. If he didn't have money Heather would be gone.


Being a fan of RHOC since it's inception, I must say I am not sure I can stomach this show another season. Actually I like Vicki and as far as Alexis I much rather see her another season as opposed to Tamra. Season after season we watch as Tamra hates on her chosen victim for the current season. I am over it. She is not the least bit interesting to watch, she may bring the drama but enough already. In fact if she comes back I will no longer watch the show, I don't want to have to look at that smart ass smirk of her's any longer. Gretchan I used to like, but not this year. Heather started out to seem as though she was nice and classy, but we all so what she really is. Her husband reminds me of a woman with all his gossiping etc. Andy needs to do some serious re-alignment of this show, otherwise I believe he will lose many viewers.


It is a real shame that Alexis had to endure that disgusting display on Costa Rica. No one at that dinner table had the right to criticize anyone for not being perfect. Tamra is nothing but a low life piece of white trash. With statements like "jesus Jugs" its obvious what classless sounds like. Simon kept her and her big trashy mouth in-check. As for Heather, who does she think she is? She tries to come off like she is so much better than any of those women. News aren't. Gretchen was not her friend. And true to what Alexis said she truly did not have her friend's back that night in Costa Rica. The surprise of the evening was that Vicki showed all of those witches that night what compassion is really suppose to look and feel like. Bravo goes to Vicki and Alexis for tolerating such belligerent women. Take some advice from other Housewives girls......MONEY CAN'T BUY YOU CLASS!!


Get rid of fake Heather!!!! She is phony and no matter how secure of a woman she tries to come across as in reality it's obvious how insecure and jealous she truly is.. And if I have to hear her say "shut it down" one more time I'm not watching the show anymore!!! Seriously why get rid of any other cast member when it's clear how most people feel about fake/phony and annoying Heather!!!


Alexis has her faults, but it was ridiculous for her to take criticisms from her awful cast mates. Heather & her husband's only story line was to pick on Alexis. Heather was probably brought on for East Coast class, but they picked the wrong woman. Maybe she's temporary, and Jeana Keough will return to bring real class back to the show. After 3 seasons of Tamra's abuse, Gretchen agreed to make up with her, probably just to get Tamra off her back. But Gretchen completely betrayed Alexis who had her back the last few seasons when Tamra picked on Gretchen. Gretchen is not loyal and should be ashamed. I cringed every time Tamra was on-screen. Tamra would fit in better on the Real Housewives of NJ with bullies like Carolyn Manzo, or better, Tamra should be pushed off the show like Jill Zarin in New York. Vicki was compassionate honest & apologetic this season and stepped up for Alexis. And, I loved how Vicki slammed Tamra at Heather's lousy party. Haha Tamra!


Please get rid of Tamra! If I have to see her fake cry again I will lose it. She is mean, rude and needs to concentrate on herself, not what Alexis is doing. Tamra just seems like an unhappy person who like to feel good about herself by picking on others.


I think if you get rid of Vicky there won't be much of a show left.
She's the "Woman you love to hate" so to speak. And things are getting interesting with "Brooks" in the picture now.
I think they should get rid of Heather and Alexis.
I don't find much exciting about either one of them. "BORINGGGGG"...
Eliminate them and bring on some other "Bitchy"
After all, the show is much more interesting when you have a lot of drama going. If everything is going along too good, there is nothing to look forward to. I say "Bring on the Bitches!"....


This is really my first season to watch OC. All they do is bash each other. There are no saints on this show and I definitely don't see Vicki and Tamra as the worst. They are all so different and live so differently. I can't figure out why they would give each other the time of day ergo the nasty put-downs, etc. And btw, that new girl Heather and her wierd husband are just as mean as the rest. The only reason they have all ganged up on Alexis is she is not too bright and being mean does not come as naturally to her as the rest.

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