Unexpected Feud of the Week: Andrew Garfield vs. Robert Pattinson!

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In a battle of webs against fangs, which will come out on top?

That's the question we're now forced to ask, as Us Weekly sources report that an unexpected feud is brewing in Hollywood: Andrew Garfield vs. Robert Pattinson! Simply put...

Andrew Garfield at Spider-Man Premiere
Robert Pattinson Outside Chateau Marmont

"Andrew can't stand Rob," the tabloid insider claims. "Andrew hates that they're put in the same category because they're both English and around the same age."

And Pattinson isn't itching to befriend the latest superhero star either, allegedly, as each attended the wedding of producer Kevin Turen on June 23, but "spent much of the night ignoring each other," according to a witness, who added:

"They don't enjoy hanging out. Andrew considers himself a 'serious actor' and sees Rob as the equivalent of a cheesy boy bander because of Twilight."

Ouch. Zing and a half! Will Robert soon fire back? He is in a fighting mood these days, recently calling out whoever came up with the nickname R. Patt.

You tell us, readers: Which of these actors would you rather do anything but fight with... naked in bed?


Omg man! Pattinson is grossssssss.. what the hell is wrong with the world!??


This sounds like a rumor. Andrew doesn't come across that way at all. And even with looks disregarded, Andrew is a phenomenal actor. He owns every role he's in, he BECOMES his character (and no, I'm not just talking about Spiderman) whereas critics agree that Pattinson has a hard time carrying roles. So from a pure talent standpoint, Andrew takes the cake. Add in his girlfriend and his looks, and he wins by a landslide.


omg screw robert. i saw spiderman last night and andrew took the gold. that movie threw the other one out of the park. he was just the peter parker i grew up with watching the 1990s show. i cried in the movie i laughed and i loved andrew, i ended up telling my friend and my fiancee that THAT was the peter parker i knew and loved growing up! he did a fantastic job! then...there is robert...gay twilight jerk who plays this emo vampire nutcase who "sparkles" and has a girlfriend deader then him. Andrew...Andrew all the way!


Atleast pattinson has original castings lol not bashing spiderman but come on...your as serious as any batman carachter trying to keep his face as an original lol they should hangout let go of stupid things and be in an action movie together no accent change plz lol


They both suck. But I'd say Andrew does have a better girlfriend than Robert


Why dont you ever have a neither button? Yuck to both!


This rumor sounds fake. Try harder US Weekly.

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