Tom Daley Threatened by Moronic Twitter User, Arrest Made

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Perhaps they should just ban Twitter use at the Olympics...

First, Greek athlete Voula Papachristou was thrown out of the Games by her native country after posting an inappropriate message about African-Americans.

Then, Michel Morganella was given the boot from the Swiss Soccer team after Tweeting that he wants to punch and burn opponents form South Korea.

Now, British diver Tom Daley is at the center of a social media scandal, though this time the athlete is the victim.

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Some complete moron responded to Daley's fourth-place finish in synchronized diving on Monday by saying the 18-year old let his father down by not earning a spot on the medal stand. 

The Olympian's dad died of brain cancer last year.

A subsequent Tweet from the same user said he was going to "find" Daley and "drown" him in the pool, which caught the attention of local police. They have reportedly arrested a 17-year old "on suspicion of malicious communications" in relation to his Twitter posts.

In England, Tweeting messages believed to be menacing, offensive or indecent can lead to prosecution. That may violate the First Amendment in the U.S., but would anyone really object if some idiot such as this is thrown in jail?


Peole like that man are idiots. they use twitter and facebook to hide them away becauae there bullys but realy they will still be found and thanck god for that. Tom put his heart and soul to that dive and your dad will be proud of u for shure.


that guy threated Tom Daley that he will kill him... its more than bullying... unfortunatelly there are many who used to threated famous people because they are lunatic... police should take seriously all those threats...


wrong information!!!! Voula Papachristou was thrown out of the O.G. after posting an inappropriate joke about Africans, not Africans-Americans!!!!


TO CYBER BULLy u NEED A LESSON IN MANNERS UR A IDIOT tom did his best all team gb are great and message for tom ur dad is proud of you


hope that cyber bully goes to jail... people like to hide behind the keyboard because it feels safe, to a bully.

Bob sodervick

I hope he does go to jail! Even in the U.S. the First Amendment protecting freedom of speech is meant to protect protestors and the like from over zealous police. It does not protect idiots who threaten others!!

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