Tom Cruise "Bitter" at Katie Holmes For Using Suri as "Weapon"

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Tom Cruise is reportedly bitter at soon-to-be-ex Katie Holmes for not only blindsiding him with divorce papers last week, but for using their six-year-old daughter Suri as a weapon against him in the proceedings, according to reports.

The two are no longer on speaking terms as a result.

Although Tom now has "absolutely no contact with Katie," his people are negotiating with Katie's people over when and how Tom can talk to Suri Cruise, and Holmes' people are allegedly making that difficult for him.

Tom, Katie and Suri

The 50-year-old movie legend does speak with his daughter by phone at least once a day, TMZ sources say, but note that it hasn't been easy to get that.

When Tom does get Suri Cruise on the phone, he has not discussed the breakup of his marriage with his daughter. Nor does he know when he'll see her.

Things are "really bitter now" between Tom and Katie, people close to the situation say. He feels betrayed and thinks she is "using Suri as a weapon."

Whether she's being used as a weapon or not is subject to debate; fears over how she will be raised are legitimate, and are said to have prompted her to leave Tom.

You can bet that the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes divorce will remain contentious if she continues to seek sole custody and limit his exposure to Suri.



I'm guessing Sonia's comment she is as brain washed as Tom cruise, Kate hold keep that child well away from him he is a nutter and should not be allowed to brain wah an innocent child with his shit cult stuff


That cult he follows is contentious , Run girls Run ,,,,,,,,,,,,


Sonia's comment represents exactly what Tom's camp wants and will do to gain public support / sympathy for Tom Cruise. They will attack Katie and try to make her the bad person in this divorce. Hmmm, if I love my husband and he wants to send our daughter to Nazi camp should I compromise with him and only send her for 1 month instead of the whole summer because we love each other and have effective communication...? No, I will be very immature and keep her as far away from him as I can.


It's sad that Kate is being immature . Tom is the father of Suri and all children need to have a dad involved in there daily life. All marriages have conflicts and it's always in the best interest to try to resolve the situation. Communication is the key to any marriage and so is compromising. She should set aside her anger and let Suri talk and see her dad any time . They could have spent his birthday with him . She needs to set aside her emotions for her daughters well being if she really loves her. Moms make real sacrifices. If she really loved Tom it would not make a difference what religion he is, and would be willing to do anything for him that is what true . I am not judging, just speaking what I believe.


No wonder why she doesn't want him near them, hes psycho


That is like the same thing with me. I live
with my mom and my dad divorced when I
was 2. I am 14 now. I stil talk 2 him
My my mom does not


wah fucken wah who cares all Hollywood marriages are phony and never last.No big surprise!!!!


As my mother would say, what goes around comes around. Maybe now he knows how Nicole felt when he filed for divorce two days before their 10th anniversary out of the blue - telling the press - and I remember this to this day, "Nic knows why", yet she never did. Karma's a biatch man!


They should not of had kids,if they will put her the middle. I cannot stand it when parents do this,it stays with kids forever.

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