Tom Cruise "Bitter" at Katie Holmes For Using Suri as "Weapon"

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Tom Cruise is reportedly bitter at soon-to-be-ex Katie Holmes for not only blindsiding him with divorce papers last week, but for using their six-year-old daughter Suri as a weapon against him in the proceedings, according to reports.

The two are no longer on speaking terms as a result.

Although Tom now has "absolutely no contact with Katie," his people are negotiating with Katie's people over when and how Tom can talk to Suri Cruise, and Holmes' people are allegedly making that difficult for him.

Tom, Katie and Suri

The 50-year-old movie legend does speak with his daughter by phone at least once a day, TMZ sources say, but note that it hasn't been easy to get that.

When Tom does get Suri Cruise on the phone, he has not discussed the breakup of his marriage with his daughter. Nor does he know when he'll see her.

Things are "really bitter now" between Tom and Katie, people close to the situation say. He feels betrayed and thinks she is "using Suri as a weapon."

Whether she's being used as a weapon or not is subject to debate; fears over how she will be raised are legitimate, and are said to have prompted her to leave Tom.

You can bet that the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes divorce will remain contentious if she continues to seek sole custody and limit his exposure to Suri.



A divorce is not just between the husband and wife. It involves the entire family and the interest of the minor children need to be addressed. If Katie fears Tom Cruise can damage their child she must keep him away and protect the child. The reason why the divorce rate is over 50% in 2012 is because women are now able to be the head of household. Women from earlier generation stayed with men who were abusive to them and/or their children due to economic and social pressures.


A divorce is between husband and wife and a child should never be used as a pawn. Katie had a school girl crush on Tom and wanted to marry him. He was into Scientology when she married him and I'm sure with her Catholic upbringing, she was warned. She was not that young when she married him. Now her school girl crush has been realized and she has Tom's daughter, she needs to grow up and protect Suri as best she can but not deny her the right to see her father. Tom may be a bit weird because of his chosen religion but he loves his daughter and deserves to see her. Katie seems to have treated Suri as a little dress up doll. Tom is one of the biggest names in Hollywood and nothing has changed but Katie. She knew what she was getting herself into and so she should be fair when it comes to Suri.


What goes around comes around right Tom? This is your payback for what you did to Nicole Kidman!


So the TRUTH with Tom finally comes out in Public. Hopefully Katie is doing this all for Suri... sure seems like it, since he wanted to send Suri to some "boating" scientology based school, which advises to have NO contact with non-believers? Sounds like a crazy cult!! I'd leave too. It's pretty obvious this marriage was a set up... the matching outfits every time they go out in public like they are dressed to the nines and they always have to hold hands like perfect picture. But, if you look at Katie, she's Not happy with head down a lot, fake smile as is his. All staged marriage for Hollywood career boost.......... maybe to cover up him being Gay, like John Travolta? Why else would they go to great lengths for this facade? Church of Scientology de-members people who admit they are gay. Obviously he uses them for career boost or something.


Sonia doesn't have a clue or she is also into Scientology. Sonia, with Tom and his cult, it's their way or the highway. Nicole has barely any contact with the kids she and Tom adopted because of Scientology. They were encouraged to give her up.
I guess once the cool-aid wore off, Katie finally came to her senses and took off. I hope she stays strong and keeps Suri with her.


Well, they're both as bad as each other: she knew the deal before she married him and had even given birth beforehand. Thus they've both used the child as collateral. See what I did there?


when a woman takes a child away from their father its for one of two reasons. shes either a horrid bitch looking to make money and get what she wants or its because she fears for the childs well being. i left my daughters father and didnt let him see her anymore for many good reasons. she now has a daddy she loves. i hope that katie is doing this for a good reason. whats funny is my daughters name is also katie and her fathers name was tom haha.


I will do the some , if my husband want to send my daughter far from me like Tom . Mother's love and protect their children. I respect Katie for be strong doing the best for suri.


Stick to your guns, Katie. Don't give in to that obnoxious little jerk, Tom. He has been allowed to run the show all along, and now it's your chance to show him who the real boss is. Don't give in, Katie. Protect your daughter.


Run Katie and take your child with you. If TC is allowed custody, Katie will never see that child again. Nicole Kidman is not allowed to see her adopted kids and they refer to her as Nicole, not mom. I watched a video of Tom talking about his religion and it was scary. He looked possessed. I'd go underground in another country before I let him near Suri.

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