Tom Cruise "Bitter" at Katie Holmes For Using Suri as "Weapon"

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Tom Cruise is reportedly bitter at soon-to-be-ex Katie Holmes for not only blindsiding him with divorce papers last week, but for using their six-year-old daughter Suri as a weapon against him in the proceedings, according to reports.

The two are no longer on speaking terms as a result.

Although Tom now has "absolutely no contact with Katie," his people are negotiating with Katie's people over when and how Tom can talk to Suri Cruise, and Holmes' people are allegedly making that difficult for him.

Tom, Katie and Suri

The 50-year-old movie legend does speak with his daughter by phone at least once a day, TMZ sources say, but note that it hasn't been easy to get that.

When Tom does get Suri Cruise on the phone, he has not discussed the breakup of his marriage with his daughter. Nor does he know when he'll see her.

Things are "really bitter now" between Tom and Katie, people close to the situation say. He feels betrayed and thinks she is "using Suri as a weapon."

Whether she's being used as a weapon or not is subject to debate; fears over how she will be raised are legitimate, and are said to have prompted her to leave Tom.

You can bet that the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes divorce will remain contentious if she continues to seek sole custody and limit his exposure to Suri.



I've said it before and I'll say it again. Katie knew of Tom's religious beliefs before they were married and before they had a child. If she didn't want her child to be exposed to scientology, valid in itself or not, she should not have had a child with a scientologist. I have no sympathy for her because of her poor choices in this regard. Her poor daughter IS being used as a weapon in this divorce: she is the reason for the divorce, which is horrible. Katie has made it difficult because she waited six years to get a divorce when she should have known trouble would arise in terms of the religious upbringing of their child before even considering having a child. Regardless of Tom's religion, he loves his daughter just as much as Katie does. They both want the best. Just because they think the best is something different doesn't mean Tom doesn't deserve to see his child.


@Teresa I'm the greatest dad in the world. It's not difficult to enjoy being with your kids. They make me laugh. As for Scientology, they are fucking idiots and brain washing cunts.
She is right to get out for the good of her child. All scientologists are total bastards and should just dig a hole for themselves. They care not for families, only for other peoples money.


I think Ms. Katie was wrong the way she went about all this she could of talked to Tom, instead of sneaking around behind his back filing for a divorce. Who gives her the right to just take the child from this man and he didn't know anything that was going on. I bet we knew before he did. It only make matters worse. I just hope they can resolve the whole situation so that Tom can find a REAL WOMEN. I like Katie, but if she is leaving because of the Scientology then she is at fault because she didn't have to marry him.


Run Katie. Rum. Get away from this luntzic


Everyone seems to be on Katie's side because of Tom's choice in scientology. News flash guys, Katie CHOSE to be with him even after she knew about everything. Tom may not be the greatest father on earth, but what dad is? He just wants to see his kid. He doesn't beat her, he doesn't abuse her, he loves her. He doesn't deserve to have his child taken from him. They need to SHARE custody of Suri, because in the end, it's her that matters. Not Tom, not Katie, but SURI. SHE has to deal with all the after math, SHE has to deal with the custody battle, SHE is being put smack dab in the middle. Everyone's taking Tom's side or Katie's side, but what about their daughter? Tom chose some freaky religion, Katie chose to marry him, now they're using their daughter as a way to lash out at each other. The way I see it, NEITHER of them deserve their child.


Katie knows whom she married. She must not use her daughter to leave Tom. She knew what happend between Tom and Nicole. Have she never met Tom's children before they got married? Tom was in that believe before and she knew it. Did she expect him 2 change? What wil happend if he won custody of her daughter? She must not fool anyone, she was so desperate to be with Tom, so she must tell us the real reason of why she want to leave him.


I wonder just how much money Tom gives to the cult? Katie is out to protect her daughter from Tom and Scientology that should be removed from not paying taxes as it is a cult and not a church. In fact, Obama should have all the churches investigated and remove all those that are there to just scam the govt.


After reading many of these comments something really sticks out. Tom pulled the divorce deal on Nicole just before their 10th annv and stated Nicole knows why. Yet after all these years Nicole has never said anything. She remarried and had more children since her adopted ones are no longer with her. Katie is doing the right thing. Get away from the madness of this cult. Stay strong and protect yourself and your child. One reader suggested to go underground and to protect my child i would do that. Katie has enough money on her own where she can get far far away from Tom Cruise.


She needed to do what she needed to do to protect her beautiful child and that is all to it and that is a fact.


Did anyone else see Katie on Rachael Ray a couple months ago? She was so out of it, barely spoke, had zero personality and no spark. She seemed very sad and came across like a woman who emotionally had been beaten down. It was hard to watch.

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