The Real Housewives of New York City: Dirty Ol' Dad

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The Real Housewives of New York City travel down to Miami to meet up with "Dirty Ol' Dad." The ladies brought their swimsuits, their heels and plenty of crazy as we recap it all in our THG +/- review.

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    Obviously anyone hanging around Ramona,Sonja and the fake ass master manipulator LuAnne would find it impossible to hang on to their composure.Romona and LuAnne are just plain mean and poor Sonja, while I don't see her as mean, is a extremely lost soul,obviously hurting and drowning in alchohol with little dignity remaining.Hopefully she finds help as I believe there is a good person inside.LuAnne is deceitfull and manipulative and totally delusional regarding having class...she has none, makes my stomache churn...the operative word is 2 faced boring


    Aviva's dad George biggest douchebag in television history .


    At least you know where you're at with Ramona. She is forthright and if you accept her for who she is you know you have a friend.


    This is the worst of all the Housewives show. These ny women have zero class.I am ashamed to say I am from N.Y. Carol is a rich princess? What the heck is with those teeth.All that money and you can't get dentures that fit your mouth. And Aviva PLease get some therapy. You are amused by your father coming on to you all the time. Honey that is what we call child abuse. You need help from years of that. Where was mom? Heather is weird and Aviva's father is just disgusting. Because he is rich it is o.k. to talk smut? I can't believe Bravo is showing this crap on tv. Worse than Jerry Springer. I can't imagine the Kennedy's being proud of this show. I am from N.Y. and believe me this is not the cream of our crop.


    That's why she doesn't have wrinkles. And what do you think Sonja means, Aviva, when she basically says George has game b/c he's loaded instead of his special personality. DUH. Otherwise, he probably couldn't even get Reid's mom...who it appears he thinks is too old for him even though she's probably his junior too and has just as cool and funny (without all the annoying sex jokes) of a personality and too cute.


    Nice to see Aviva and Carole get a dose of what Ramona's been serving Heather since day one.
    Who is Ramona to accuse Ranjana Khan who has plenty of money, of only buying her condo in an "up-and-coming" area simply to "buy cheap and sell big". Ramona's mouth is wreckless. Perhaps that's why Heather didn't invite Ramona around her business cohorts, that wreckless mouth of hers.


    This was the sorriest excuse for a vacation that we've been witness to. Did someone pay this old man to be the most obnoxious character ever to grace the realtiy show genre. I wonder if people are beginning to catch on to the opportunistic nature of the countess. I wonder if now you realize that is was her to put the steel wedge between Bethany and Jill. Her and the young french guy are a joke. Lastly, there is something seriously wrong with Ramona, I guess the bulging eye Hypothyroidism sans meds is finally catching up, I believe her and Mario may be the same person trying to one up each other to get the last word in.


    where does Aviva get her swimsuit!! IN LOVE!


    OMG Ramona still exists on Reality TV. How about The Really Desperate Housewives of New York City¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡


    Looks like heather was smart not invite ramona to London!

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