The Real Housewives of New York City: Blinded By the Wine

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The Real Housewives of New York City are "Blinded By the Wine" and the gorgeous Miami skyline but is it enough of a distraction against the pervert who came to dinner?  We recap the strange photography and lewd dinner conversation in our THG +/- review.

Ramona can't wait to have lunch with Carole and Sonja. She's hoping to get all the dirt on Heather when something unexpected happens. The ladies only want to bitch about LuAnn. 

Plus 7.  Ramona's more than happy to go along with that conversation, unexpected as it may be.  Little does she know what LuAnn has in store for her next.

As Ramona's saying how nice it is that she and LuAnn can at least be civil to one another in public, LuAnn's polite facade gives way to some mean spirited and oh so pretentious wine games.

Does Ramona Know Her Wine?

The set up is to blindfold Ramona in front of a crowd and ask her questions about her own wine in the hope that she'll embarrass herself.  Minus 12 to LuAnn and partner in wine snobbery Jaques. LuAnn needs to go back and read her own etiquette book. They may have found it funny but it's just plain mean to make fun of one of your guests…even Ramona.

What is it with the waxing of body hair on this show.  Last year we took a tour of Cindy's waxing boutiques and now LuAnn and Heather visit the Boom Boom Brow barMinus 8 because not only was it boring but LuAnn whined like a six year old.  Man up, woman.

Aviva invites everyone but Heather and LuAnn to her place in Miami.  Minus 5.  Of course she can invite whomever she wants but wasn't she the one giving Heather a hard time about excluding Ramona?

Before Sonja heads off to Miami she meets up with Heather and her marketing expert to work out Sonja's logo. Although Sonja came across pretty defensive to all of their suggestions, I'll agree with her on one point. The guy could have at least looked at her website before trying to design her brand.

Then it's off to Miami.  Plus 11 for that condo and the gorgeous view. That terrace was huge. I'm not sure I'd ever want to leave. It's so beautiful that Aviva even gets over her fear of heights.

Aviva tells Sonja not to worry about feeling like a third wheel. She's got a man to set her up with.  Plus 6 for thinking ahead but then there's always a catch. 

The guy is Aviva's Dad. OK. That's a little weird and yet it gets worse.  Her father's a sex addict!

Sonja Contemplates Her Choices

Eww…but Sonja's fine with that. Well, she's fine with the sex addict part. It's the father part she questions. Of course Sonja likes older men. We'll have to wait and see how this goes.

Then we get to meet Aviva's father and he is all that and more. Aviva thinks her father is hilarious. Not quite the word I'd use. How many fathers talk vibrators with their in-laws over a family dinner?  Minus 10.  I won't even mention the giant hot dog he told his daughter to order at dinner. I really don't want an invite to Aviva's.

Aviva and Reid's condo is amazing, if a little odd. First off how do they keep the furniture that sparkling white with four children? Then there's the wall art. 

Minus 12.  It must be kind of creepy to be lying in the guest room only to look up and see a giant portrait of Aviva and Reid getting handsy staring back at you.

But it looks as though this trip gets even more interesting next week when it appears that someone breaks the no nudity rule. 
Will the gloves come off along with the clothing?  Stay tuned…

Episode total = -23   Season total =  -133

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Luann she calls herself a countess but more like clueless she is selfish and has a horrible nature


Luann is nothing but a wackadoodle mean girl she need to grow up the shows about peaples lives not point scoreing luann has no class


Reply to:cb
I agree! Ramona does/says mean things to/about LuAnn on a daily basis, and I think it's fair game. It's time someone gave it back to Ramona. Ramona claims to know plenty about alot, so the wine test was just par for the course.


Luann looks like a tranny and she makes me sick!!!!!! She is a large man


O.K. I just have to say it. With all the money these women supposedly have, couldn't Aviva and Carole do something about those terrible overbites? And couldn't Heather take care of that nose? Yikes!


Ramona deserved it! That was mean, because she was a guest? It was ok when she was invited Heather for a dinner party and insulted her in her home? Or when she told Heather that she had issues because her father died, and didn't even have the class to feign any sympathy! All Ramona ever does is yap about her wine! She threatened LuAnn About her children - THAT IS MEAN! Ramona deserves everything she gets!!


Ramona deserves everything she gets! She's so mean, vindictive, catty, backstabbing, 2faced, jealous & she definitely doesnt have a filter! Her expressions & the way she behaves is absolutely an embarassment to every1 around her. No wonder her daughter acts the way she does. I wouldnt doubt if Mario is having an affair...She always says Heather talks 2 much...Now thats the pot calling the kettle black! Ramona needs 2 get help for her alcoholism...She's definitely a drunk! Bravo should have fired her instead of Jill! She disgusts me!


Yup, Luann's little game was plain mean. She hoped to make Ramona look like a fool. It looks like civility and kindness are two different things.