The Game on 40 Glocc Beatdown: Had to Be Done, Could've Been Worse!

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The Game is speaking out about the beating of 40 Glocc he administered the other day, saying the violent encounter with the former G-Unit rapper was warranted.

Short story, according to Game: It could've been worse.

Game explains the beef as such: Allegedly 40 started a Twitter account posing as Game's oldest child and had used the bull$h!t account to trash Game.

That's when he and his crew set out for some payback:

Game admits he was looking to pick a fight with 40 that day, but denies pulling a gun on him. In fact, he says he stopped the attack out of mercy.

And "because then I'd get 25 to life" if he kept going.

"What I wanted to do was beat his ass like I wanted to ... without really putting him into a position where he was a vegetable or something," he said.

How conscientious and forward-thinking of Game.

For his part, 40 Glocc maintains he was "jumped" by Game and Game's crew and that he only tried to flee because attackers were carrying guns.

He does not plan to pursue legal action against Game, for whatever reason ... possibly because he fears an instant replay of the above video.


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