The Game Beats Up 40 Glocc, Denies Pulling Gun [VIDEO]

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The Game beat the crap out of former G-Unit rapper 40 Glocc recently, while filming some of the ass whomping himself on an iPhone. Talk about multitasking.

The cellphone video below shows Game confronting 40 Glocc in the middle of a Hollywood street, saying, "You wanna finish it? You wanna finish it right here?"

Game proceeds to begin punching, and connecting:

As you can see, The Game calls 40 Glocc a "punk ass n!gga" during the fight. During the footage, 40 Glocc tells the camera, "I just got jumped, n!gga."

As 40 tries to flee the scene, Game shouts, "There ain't gonna be another one, n!gaa." Game points the camera at his shoes, which show blood stains.

After the fight, 40 Glocc tweeted that the aggressor "chased me down with a pistol ... n!gga has to have a gun drawn on me." The Game denies this.

Glocc says he will NOT pursue legal action against him, however. Guess it's true what they say, snitches get stitches. Or in his case, more stitches.

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Stop the violence and racism!!!!!!


Yo cuz, I still fuccs with my nigga vi115ge Boo, but Phony Glocc aint got no luv from me, nigga. I mean, mad props when da nigga was exposin' fakah niggaz, I.E: Lil Layme, but damn, at the very least take a fade like a G and fight bacc if the nigga hits you, on Wood. All bad. . . . And for all you talcum powder bitches out there talkin' your shit, let's see if YOU talk shit if it was YOU who was gettin' your sorry, flentchy asses kicced. Hell, even in the military, all I see is white ass gettin' stepped all ova, bitches. So know your place in the world.


Damn Glocc you could"ve atleast tired CuZ if ColToN CiTy CriPpIn ain"t taught you one thing that is atleast go down swangin LoCo Colton City Crip much respect Glocc you can"t win"em all,well you can"t CuZ I ain"t familiar to that kind of abuse on a fair one on the Flats that was bad CRIPPIN!!!!!!!! W/S SJX


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That was a dumbass video. Next time just shoot the shitskin in the head now that would be a video i would enjoy


I hate niggers


You internet weenies didn't say shit when 40 Glocc was run'n up on people at video shoots with 20 niggas. Whether he got jumped or not, it didn't look gangsta when he was asked "you gon put a nigga on the internet now?" He replied..."Naw man." Big Bad 40???


Coolaid waving a gun around is not tuff and beating up a guy with twenty of your butt banging friends only means your cowards .The only thing you can beat are your women and your meat tuff guy.