The Bachelorette Spoilers: Who Does Emily Maynard Choose?

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The rumor mill us swirling as to who Emily Maynard chooses on The Bachelorette. Spoilers to this point have been accurate ... but what about going forward?

The field of 25 has been narrowed to four, as tonight's hometown dates feature Jef Holm, 27, Sean Lowe, 28, Chris Bukowski, 25, and Arie Luyendyk Jr., 30.

The favorite at this point? Still anyone's guess. Or is it?

Emily Maynard Bachelorette Photo

There have been reports that Jef, despite looking like the Chris Lambton of this season - great friends with Emily but low romantic chemistry - is the winner.

There have also been conflicting reports that Emily Maynard is engaged to Arie Luyendyk, Jr. after he mentioned his fiancee on a recent call with reporters.

Sean Lowe? How could that guy not be a favorite?

Emily has even been linked (erroneously) to host Chris Harrison and Brad Womack by tabloids in recent weeks in this most unusual Bachelorette season.

For the first time in show history, Sean, Arie and Jef have all done interviews during the season, fueling speculation that each may be the final rose recipient.

What's more, the final three who go on to Curacao after tonight all left the island nation at the same time, making it unclear who finished second (or third).

What do we know about tonight, and beyond? Is there a surprise in store regarding the season finale? Follow the jump for The Bachelorette spoilers ...

The eliminated contestant tonight, after the hometowns, is reportedly Chris Bukowski, leaving Jef, Sean and Arie to vie for
Emily Maynard's heart in Curacao.

The season finale, reportedly, is set for SUNDAY, July 22. The Men Tell All episode airs the previous Monday (July 16) and the final three episode July 9.

There will also be a LIVE After the Final Rose special July 22.

Does this mean Arie, Sean and Jef will ALL appear on the finale, leaving Emily to choose between her top three, rather than two, on the season-ender?

This is just a theory, but the promo below - which actually aired a few weeks ago - feeds into it. All three are clearly shown in the Caribbean paradise:

It's possible the promos are simply set up to stop spoilers from getting out and Emily will, as is usually the case, cut one of the three, leaving two.

Nevertheless, it seems something unusual is up. Check out the promo airing last week, in which the four hometown dates are only briefly teased:

Does Emily cut the process short? Or prolong it and hold all three over until the finale? THG will update you with new intel we find, but it makes you wonder.

UPDATE, 7/3: WARNING: MAJOR spoilers ahead, so be advised and turn back now!

Chris was eliminated after the hometown dates, as predicted. He wasn't pleased.

The Bachelorette season finale has also been confirmed for 8 p.m. EDT, July 22.

That's a Sunday. The Men Tell All Special will air July 16. The finale will air the following Sunday (7/22), followed by a live After the Final Rose special.

UPDATE, 7/3, 10:00 a.m.: According to Reality Steve, in Curacao, Emily Maynard and Jef Holm got engaged. He claims this is 100 percent accurate.

Is it? We'll have to wait until July 22 to be absolutely sure. But Steve says Emily and Jef left Curacao as an engaged couple and are still engaged today.

Do you believe it? Are you surprised to hear that dark horse Jef allegedly wins? Comment below, and tell us who you think is the best fit of the three?

UPDATE, 7/8, 11:00 p.m.: Sean Lowe reportedly gets a fantasy suite card tonight, as does Jef. This extends their dates; neither spends the night.

Arie Luyendyk, Jr., does not get a card ... because Emily does not trust herself, or so the insiders say. At the end of the night ... SEAN supposedly goes home.

UPDATE, 7/10: After an emotional episode, Emily tearfully eliminated Sean Lowe in Curacao, leaving Arie and Jef as the last two men standing.

Here's ABC's promo for The Bachelorette season finale ...

Will the spoilers be proven correct? If so, Arie will be turned down July 22 and Emily and Jef will debut as a couple on the After the Final Rose special.

Only time will tell with 100 percent certainty if that's true.

Tell us who Emily should pick below:


I think that she should choose arie! Even though her fiacé was a race car driver that died on a plane crash I thnk that would fit in her life a lot more, because she's used to the element and what to do and how to be there for a race car driver. I feel that even tough she may have memories of her fiancé while at the track or watching the races with her daughter Ricky they would be good memories ,and they would be good and memorable memories


Yes, I believe religion WAS an issue before, and probably always will be an issue, humanity being what it is. It was an issue as recently as the presidency of Obama, with people questioning whether he was a Christian or a Muslim. When President Kennedy ran for election, the fact that he was a Catholic was up for discussion and opinions. A man's religion is an important indicator his beliefs and what he would consider important in governing the country, I believe. People will always have opinions of other religions, and some may be based on incorrect or inaccurate information. Some people approve of some religions and disapprove of others, and religious beliefs can be very strong and go very deep.


I think it's interesting so many people are concerned with Jef's faith. He is still a member of the LDS faith, but doesn't really follow it. (Drinking on the show, tattoos, etc.) I think Jef is really sweet and caring. Arie is a good choice romantically. He'd probably be a good father, too. Sean is really perfect, and I think that did concern Emily. It would concern me, too.


I am a MORMON!!! First of all spell it correctly. We do believe in Jesus Christ, Heavenly Father and The Bible. People should stop making judgements about things they are uneducated about. Jef is actually inactive right now. We actually baptize at 8 by immersion under water (like the Baptist's). We believe in being baptized as Jesus did and we choose age 8 because at that age we are able to understand more what we are doing. It is totally up to Emily who she chooses and she will follow her heart. Please don't bring religion into this. It is bad enough that it is such an issue with the Presidential election. It shouldn't matter what religion the President is. Has it ever been an issue before?


I think Emily should choose Jef first of all you can see how much he like her and he understood that Emily is a mom and she has to set an example when he got the fantasy card. I think that she made a huge mistake by letting Sean go and she should of got rid of Arie because she said herself she doesnt trust herself enough so she didnt give him the fantasy card. Also i think Arie is full of him self he said on every date when hes with Emily he feels like the only two people in the world well she has a kid to worry about not just you and he said he gets up at 9 works and most of his day hes out with friends. So point blank she should choose Jef and should of kept Sean and got rid of Arie.


I think Arie is about as hot as they come. He seems like he understands Emily and I personally think that they would make a perfect match. He was very sweet when he made his parents stop talking Dutch and speak English so that Emily would feel comfortable. His parents are typical Dutch people and the Dutch give a rude first impression, but that is just their culture and they warm up fast. Arie was raised here in the US, so he doesn't have that same cultural awareness that his parents have. He is ready to start a family and I think would make a very good husband.
I get a weird vibe from Jef---I also didn't know he was MORMAN! If that is true, I don't think Emily should pick him. Not that I am biased towards any religion, but Emily seems very Christian and not one to want to change that drastically.


Ummm... I am sure Emily is already ingaged and happy at this time I am writing this, but my two cents is.... Sean was "too perfect" he seemed nice and all but usually someone that presents themselves as perfect is usually far from
It! Arie....blah!!! He's already stated, that he just wants someone to come home to. ( a piece of meat) "wakes up at 9, goes to work, goes out to dinner with friends and comes home! He shows no interest or love towards Ricky. Bad choice if you ask me. Jef seems adventurous yes, but you can be adventurous and be tied down too.. You just take your adventures with your spouse. By far in my eyes Jef is the right choice for Emily to pick.


Emily is crazy if she chooses Jef, money or not. When you marry someone, it should be for love not for money or a big house. Wake up Emily!!! You could be the loser. I sincerely hope it's only a rumor that you even considered going back to Brad. You need your heart broken again? As for Chris Harrison, let him alone! Give him time to get over his divorce!


Emily was engaged to and loved a guy that's family IS Nascar. Her little girl looks just like Rick. Just look at her house and the furnishings - it takes MONEY to have the comforters - pillows and furniture that she has. BUT Arie is, also, from a highly successful racing family. His father won the Indie 500 two times, so he fits really well into her lifestyle. Racing is all she has known for a long time. Her family apparently has money - what does her father do. They had a home in Key West next door to Rick Hendrix which is how she met her love. Good luck to her - I'm pulling for Arie!!!


Emily is not the brightest apple growing on the tree and her choice will be purely motivated by dollar signs.Did you see her eyes light up when she saw all of that beautiful land in Utah? If she had any intelligence about her she would have chosen Sean, but with that being said eventually he would have figured out she is nothing more than a money hungry high maintanance clump of silicone....and he will find a woman who is truly deserving of him.

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