The Bachelorette Promo: I'm Falling in Love ... With More Than One Person!

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Emily Maynard is falling in love on The Bachelorette. That's the good news. The bad? It's with more than one person, as she tells us in the promo for next week!

Yes, the show recycles this line every season, but in Emily's case, it really does appear true. Jef Holm, Sean Lowe and Arie Luyendyk, Jr. have all won her over.

Who will she pick? Read The Bachelorette spoilers if you want to know the latest intel there. Regardless, it clearly won't be an easy call for the 26-year-old:

With overnight dates looming in Curacao, how will the single mom reconcile the fact that all of the above are looking more and more like husband material?

"From here on out it's Emily trying to choose a lifestyle, a father for Ricki and a great man and husband for herself. These guys just get better each week and in my opinion she's narrowed it down to three phenomenal guys," says host Chris Harrison.

"Emily was a mess. She began to get really emotional, not only that time is running out, but she was freaking out that she's falling for three guys."

"She was thinking how tough it would be to say goodbye to [Chris Bukowski], but really I think she was thinking afterward how it's going to be impossible to say goodbye to Sean, Arie or Jef. It all hit her that she's far from done."

Two of these guys are going to be crushed, from the looks of the promo above and everything we've seen in recent weeks. But which two is the question?

Again, the link above gives away the supposed ending if you're curious. If you wish to remain in the dark, you likely have a favorite of the remaining three.

Her respective chemistry with Arie Luyendyk, Jr., Sean Lowe and Jef Holm is undeniable, but different in each case. Which suitor will ultimately win out?

The season finale airs on a special night, Sunday, July 22, with a LIVE After the Final Rose special to follow, in which Emily makes a big announcement.

Who do you think she should pick on The Bachelorette finale?


If she may have thought she was falling for all three she should have turned them all down, Jef is/will get boring and I can see her on the phone calling one of the other guys she met when the new wears off and she finds that fast feelings aren't real. Most guys don't like to share and this has got to be on the winners mind.


I found your comment to be FUNNY AS HELL!!!!! Funny, yet, true. LOL!!!!! Take care.


If she picks OneF...she is not as wise as I thought. I live in morman country and you marry the family as well as the man. Emily's favorite line is "no pressure there". Well...she will learn the meaning of "pressure". People like to make fun of Arie and his physicality but if you look closely...Emily leans in for all the kisses and I do not see HER initiating any of the smackdowns with the other two guys. Either the show is hiding the religious side of Arie or it does not exist. Sean has been kept around to bait the faith fans but I don't think she selects Sean.


the fact that she chooses the one she chooses, makes it clear that she was not after the happily-ever after family she always said she wanted...i mean the one she chooses is cute in his own dorky kinda way but he is not the man for the "real-thing"... plus his family and the MAIN issue in this relationship just kinda gets pushed aside.. if she really believes "that" won´t be a problem than she is in for a rude awaking... but lets be honest Emily knows exactly what she is doing...


i agree! i like all 3. shes lucky. ^_^ i think arie is a little too physical and sean may be too boring so i think jef would be perfect. hes funny, successful and his lifestyle fits hers.


She should pick all 3 and have brother husbands... mmmm! :D

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