Teen Mob Steals Jeans From Chicago Store in a Flash

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A surveillance video of a Chicago flash mob robbery shows a group of about 20 teens allegedly stealing over $3,000 worth of jeans over the weekend.

CBS 2 reports that Mildblend Supply Co. owner Luke Cho posted the surveillance video on YouTube, hoping the images help police find the teen mob.

That or keep parents on alert, in hopes that the culprits will be outed one way or the other, perhaps shamed enough that they’ll turn themselves in.

A Chicago Police spokesperson said the case is being actively investigated and that tips have been rolling since the video of the robbery went on YouTube.

From the moment the teens started flooding in the door his store on Milwaukee Avenue around 6:40 p.m. Saturday, Cho knew something wasn’t right.

Soon after, he realized he'd been robbed of thousands in merchandise. Flash mobs used as a criminal tool ... what today's teens won't think of next.


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Owner should put a sign up stating that "no more than 5 _________ at a time".

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