Suri Cruise: I Want to Live With Daddy!

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A pair of celebrity gossip tabloids apparently have their collective fingers on the pulse of all things Suri Cruise. It's like they're reading her every thought.

According to In Touch Weekly and Star Magazine, the youngster's thoughts on the recent bombshell Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes divorce are quite clear:

Team Tom.

Suri Cover
Suri Cruise Cover

If you believe this (dis)reputable pair of magazines, Suri Cruise was won over by her dad during his recent get-together with her - a $170,000 getaway.

Possibly accompanied by Scientology chaperones, the lavish reunion clearly did the trick, with Suri allegedly pleading to be with Tom over Katie now.

Suri Cruise, mind you, is six years old.

Despite this fact - and that the two settled their divorce and custody pact already in a relatively amicable manner, we're supposed to believe this?

In (slightly) more comprehensible news, the stunning Yolanda Pecoraro is said to be in the running to be the next Mrs. Tom Cruise for a few years.


Well i would think Suri is loving being spoiled as any kid would. but Tom also needs to be a dad and discipline. it isnt fair that Katie wants her daughter to live a regular life.. and he is doing the opposite. he will try to win his daughter over with money..and that will be very hard on Katie as a mom. a child needs structure as well as love. this is why i hate divorces. its always about winning over the child. i just hope Suri doesnt grow up to be a spoiled brat.


- l0l -


Well, I would certainly believe anything either of these two rags told me-not!


mum knows best..most of the time


Suri doesnt know best,or understand longterm. She only understands that right now she misses her father, so she wants to b with him. She will miss Katie, it will always be one way or another now and Suri is to young to realize.


Well considering the fact that Tom doesnt believe in correcting her or denying her anything she wants because shes an old soul who has lived many lives, duh. What kid doesnt want the parent who lets them run wild and spoils them?


a little girl that young should probably be with her mother... but I'm no expert


Katie AND Tom should sue. Exploitation of a child for profit is purely evil. Especially in the midst of her parents divorcing. I'm sure she's old enough to read. What a low move.


I'd rather live in an L.A. estate than a N.Y. apartment too.


She is a baby she dont understand anything.

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