Stepson of Usher Likely to Be Taken Off Life Support

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The sad situation in which Usher now finds himself with ex-wife Tameka Foster may soon grow a lot sadder:

According to TMZ sources, Foster may be forced to take her 11-year old son off life support as early as next month, with medical bills piling up and her insurance company only promising to pay them for a set period of time.

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The tragedy by now has been well-documents:

Kyle Glover was placed in a coma and considered medically brain dead last week, following a jet skiing accident in which his inner tube was struck by an oncoming vehicle.

A family friend of Usher's is under investigation for the accident.

While Usher has remained by Tameka's side during this terrible time, and while insiders say he has eased up in their custody dispute, TMZ reports the singer has NOT offered to foot any medical bills and Foster is likely on her own when it comes to coverage.

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Sorry, but why is Usher's name in all this matter?? What about the child's father??? Black 'men' are morons of all man kind!! #thatisall


Well we all know who is getting a first class ticket to hell on this site. A child brain dead on life support who is most likely going to die and all some ppl think about is race baiting. What sad pathetic losers. Some ppl need to find better things to do with their time. Hopefully u will never find yourselves in this situation.


@Venus-Everyone knows welfare is absolutely clearly not the route to take but when white racist do not hire black scholars due to race,every means for survival takes place.


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Spoke to the forster family....the mother isn't ready to switch of the machines yet....lil Kyle still hanging on!!!!....the family is so traumatized...and request that everyone prays for them.... Guys whether the news is good or bad....we need to pray that the family stays strong no matter what's the outcome :)............will bring you more news later


there is nothing that God can not do please keep believing in him he does things in this difficulty times like this please keep on praying for him i will also keep u in my prayers as well, am going to request a prayer for kyle today and i would like u the mom to visit this christian web site and watch this living ministries and pray along with the man of God,miracles is about to happen in Jesus name Amen.this is the web site ( God be with u


Seriously....are you guys kidding me.....a child is suffering to save his life and all you care about is his evil mother, step dad and his life insurance.... His not even 18 yet and his already in vegetable state....have compassion......your harsh comments aren't gonna heal him.....but Jesus can!......and with the help of your prayers nothing is impossible!! Kyle Glover was more like Usher's own son.....Usher loves and adores that little is it a sin for him to worry about the dying child??.... No parent no matter how evil they are, deserves to lay their child to rest.....ever wondered how Tameka feels???....after all she is the childs mother...... Guys prayer helps move the hand of say. A lil prayer for this boys life.....coz the days of miracles aren't over yet!!!! :)


Has anyone read their health insurance documents lately? I didn't think so, so don't act surprised that her insurance will only pay up to a certain point. Also, we don't know what they are able to afford beyond insurance or what type of insurance they have. And yes, the boy has a father and it's not Usher. The boy was with his father and his family during the tragic accident, so how is a friend of Usher's being investigated? Fact check and then double-check before printing.


My thoughts and prayers are with Usher and Tameka...I pray for a miracle and for peace to come to both families. Go Rest In Peace young child.