Stars Send Support, Sympathy to Usher and Tameka Foster

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Facing every parent's worst nightmare, Usher and Tameka Foster have been forced to come together under horrific circumstances, following a jet skiing accident on Saturday that left Tameka's 11-year old in a coma.

Doctors say Kyle Glover is clinically brain dead as a result of the crash, and sources tell Us Weekly Usher and his ex have put all differences aside for the time being as they decide what to do next.

Usher in England

"Tameka and Usher don't get along, but in this circumstance Usher is coming to her side," says the insider. "Usher practically raised Kyle as his own. He's known him for seven years. It is so sad what happened."

A bevy of Hollywood stars have also Tweeted their sympathy and support. A sampling of their messages:

Sherri Shepherd: "My heart hurts for Kyle Glover, Tameka Raymond's 11-year-old son. Praying for her, Usher and family. Mother love."

Wendy Williams: "My prayers go out desperately to Tameka and Usher Raymond. May God shine light on your entire family."

Donny Osmond: "My prayers go out to Usher Usher Raymond IV and his family. His stepson was declared brain dead after a jet ski accident. Please pray for them."

Kevin McHale: "My thoughts are with Tameka and Usher and their family, such a tragedy."

Russell Simmons: "My heartfelt prayers for Tameka and Usher. Can't even imagine... "

Toni Braxton: "My heart and prayers go out to Tameka Raymond and Usher Raymond IV during this extremely difficult time."


@Mita what is your problem? Did anyone stop you from becoming a celebrity? Get over yourself.


My Prayers go out to the Foster family the Glover family as well as the Raymond family. I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee. Be strong and of good courage. (Joshua 1:5-6)


@mita just dnt talk if your going to just go and rant about how usher is being used then just do it somewhere else cuz apparently everyone else seems to be feeling for the family involved that being said yes ur entitled to ur own opinion but this thread doesn't seem to be the place to criticize


Praying Trust in the LORD he will gv u strengh God Bless


Yeaup @mita, your right! She completely set up this whole thing for attention and prays! She made her son get hurt, fed drugs to him till he was brain dead, then called Usher ( whom has nothing to do with this kid ) just to get fame and prays! Yeah..your a fucking idiot. Usher basically raised this poor boy. Its called putting your problems aside when something tragic like this happen. I'm guessing when something like this happens in your family you dance around and spit on those who send prayers.


@Mita, I must 1st say God bless you, I am not judging you but I understand our words have power, so we should choose them wisely..I have not read any comments by Tameka using Usher's name & the use of Usher's name is not what has people praying for this baby, it's knowing the name of Jesus (to pray is acknowledging our faith & belief)knowing God is who He says He is & will do what He said He will do...whether a celebrity's name was attached or not I would still pray because that's what we should do for one another..


@ Mita, you're an idiot. There r things that we don't know about that may have transpired. N how infantile 4 u 2 think she's using his name 2 get prayers. If u had seen it on the news with no celebrity.status, ppl would still pray. N further more the power of prayer can b answered thru just one person praying. He answers no matter who ya parents r. He is almighty & powerful. Be careful what u say bc u don't know the path chosen 4 u, n the tongue is also a powerful thing. So while I'm praying.4 them, I'll do the same for your enlightenment!


This is such a sad situation, but God works in mysterious ways. He may have sacrificed one child so they could stop fighting over the other children. God has a way of teaching us our life lessons. I pray that the family gets through these difficult times and I pray that the baby boy doesn't suffer. Amen


Praying for Tameka and Usher, doing this tragic time!!!!My heart is so heavy for Kyle.
God Bless!!!!


God bless you and your family.

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