Stars React to Colorado Shooting, Push for Gun Control Laws

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Amidst the sadness and shock over the fatal Aurora, Colorado shooting at a Dark Knight Rises screening early Friday morning, many celebrities have taken to Twitter to express their sympathy for the victims and their families.

Many have also used this as an opportunity to push for stricter gun laws, an area in which President Barack Obama has been considered a total failure by The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

Batman Mourns

Here is a sampling of star Tweets on the matter. Read through them and share your take with us now:

Cory Monteith: guns don't kill people, people do etc.. but until we can fix society somehow you probably shouldn't be able to buy AR-15's at a fishing shop ... such a senseless tragedy. when are we going to reconsider the role of guns in society? how many more times does this have to happen?

Susan Sarandon: The right to bear arms was referring to muskets. Maybe it's time to re-think our gun policy on this day of slaughter in Colorado.

Piers Morgan: Lunatics like this will always try and get guns. It should be 100,000 times harder than it is for them to do so. That's my point.

Miley Cyrus (in a retweet): Less guns = less psychopaths who can get guns = less innocent lives lost....seems pretty obvious to me.

Chris Daughtry: Stricter gun laws will not stop SICK people from getting access to guns...Laws & rules are not in the forefront of the mind of a criminal.

John Leguizamo: My heart goes 2 all the victims families in colorado. No one should have to go thru that. When r we gonna get guns removed in this country?!

Bryan Greenberg: People against gun control are you kidding me?! Don't even try to justify having a AR-15 for personal use. Not necessary!!

Josh Hopkins: Dear news media, In reporting about tragedy in Colorado please do less about 'does Batman promote violence' & more about gun control. Thanks.


@ Bitches Checked? For what hemorrhoids?!? Hahahahaha! Oh Matt, what you are forced to endure! :)


Same old tired arguments from the liberal left in favor of gun-control. Fact: There are over 22,000 gun-control laws in effect in this country on the national, state & local municipality levels. And NONE of them work! Gee, now why is that? Is it possibly because criminals do not traditionally obey mere laws? If I were AMC theaters I would rescind the nationwide police of disallowing legalized concealed-carry on their premises and go as far to offer a 20% discount to all conceal-carry holders. Cheap security.


If someone w/ a concealed weapons permit'd been in theatre, they might've saved people. If they want a more thorough process, have (potential) gun owners go through the same as a concealed weapons permit every 2 years. Much more thorough background check, classes, etc. People who shouldn't own guns always will, imho & the history of it in our country has changed dramatically the last 60 yrs.

Wv peach

Another hot bed of contention with this story. Does anyone remember the NRA commercial featuring Charlton Heston? The rallying cry of "from my cold dead hands" ignited a firestorm. Weapons and drugs are big (dirty) money makers across the globe; I just don't see how they can or will be stopped.....too much money and power are involved. Sadly, we regular folks are just collateral damage.


@Sara, you're wrong. @Chely and Dyllon, Whomever sold the tear gas is in deep, but honestly he was studying neuroscience. He could have made his own. Although my family owns these guns, I agree with both of you. Heavy artillery should not be sold (mine was willed to me). The Glock and the rifle stay loaded for home protection.


@Sara Troll Please go away! It's folks like you who will push people away from a site. Of course, most strong-minded, self-actualized individuals will have the smarts to see your kind for what you are and ignore you and go about their blogging business.


Oh, ya, I'm sure gun control laws make sense. After all, There is no doubt that criminals will abide by these laws along with law abiding citizens. Also, just think of how free of fear we all (by we I mean criminals here) will be when we walk around knowing we have the only guns in town.... (besides the guns cops use)


I'm for some guns but these assault riffles that pop off multiple rounds are not needed. And neither is the sell of freakin tear gas!


Sara, I'm saying what others feel too. Perhaps Matt uses various user names but this isn't one of them. I clearly stated my opinion about an incident that was mentioned in the news regarding an older gentleman that fought off robbers in an Internet Cafe because he had a legally-owned gun, which was not repeated in earlier comments.


Honestly I think people kill people. We have the right to bare arms yes. But I think that there should be some type of restructure to the system on we are able to them. Maybe do a more intense background check not just for felonies but for mental issues as well. And maybe even go as far for someone to get a mental evaluation from a therapist even.

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