Star Jones on Anderson Cooper Gay Admission: Total Ratings Grab!

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In a well-reasoned, intelligent, thoughtful statement this week, Anderson Cooper came out to the public this week as a happy, proud gay man.

And Star Jones believes he did so for the ratings.

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Asked about Cooper's announcement by Natalie Morales of The Today Show this morning, the irritating former View co-host said "I'm a little bit of a cynic" and added of Cooper:

"He's a daytime talk show host and when the rating slip in daytime, the hosts tend to tell you lots of things about them."

Jones then went on to cite Oprah Winfrey and her admission in the 1990s that she was pregnant at 14, hooked on drugs and once considered suicide.

"There [are] times when you generate information for ratings," Jones said, seeming to allege that Winfrey concocted those stories and Cooper had a motive beyond mere honesty for his public reveal.

Seriously, could this woman suck any more if she tried?


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@JLC right on! @miss kitty i do not support homophobic opinions and do not wish to hear it so keep it to yourself!


@ Jenny, I realize gayness really tingles your taste beds. I bet for good reason? Dont fret Starr! Don't dwell on the possibility of free healthcare. What you need to do is pay close attention to Romney because he is your "GATEWAY" to a real job. Although this may not be of interest to you (job) meaning -you really need to turn the corner on this- you and your squatted down family members. You can only go to the well far so long.


If he wanted to be judged soley on his journalism skills and not on being gay then why didn't he come out early on, then he would see if people liked him because of his reporting despite being gay. MOST people don't agree with this life style and you don't have to be on " the View " in order to believe in your view.


JL-you summed it up best.


Talk about the pot calling the kettle, well, ... Star Jones can't grab ratings by FINALLY coming out and admitting she's 1) boring and uninformed 2) unattractive 3) divorced from a gay man because everyone already knows these things about her, so SHE grabs ratings by dissing a man who, by finally admitting he's gay, is clearly inspiring others to come out and offer inspiration to young people everywhere who might turn away from suicide because they are bullied for the way they are born. Star Jones, you need to just go away, please. You're SO OVER, STAR. HAVE BEEN FOR YEARS. WE DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK.


Let's get real: nobody knows ratings grabs like the ladies of The View. Let me rephrase her comment: "I'm not a daytime talk show host anymore, and because my fame has reduced to almost nothing, I tend to say things in the media that will bring attention away from deserving people like Anderson Cooper and onto myself. I know from my time on The View that the best way to get my opinion recognized and validated is to scream it above all other voices who are speaking until they shut up, which they never really do. So, if I apply that here, I see all these people congratulating Anderson and I want to go against the crowd for ratings, so I make up this hilarious thing that HE'S doing what I'M doing, but insist I'M doing it better/for the right reasons/with a more level head than his." BOOM, STAR JONES. Not such a "Star" anymore, huh?


Anderson isn't famous because he was considered straight. He is famous because he is a reporter and TV personality. So his fame should not +/- after this admission that he is gay. With all that said (LOL), I think Star's criticism of Anderson is silly. Anderson Cooper is a very successful reporter/TV personality. He has gained more and more traction and notice from every event he has covered, he has his own TV show because of that. Star Jones? I can't remember the last time I thought of her.


Singer because heterosexuality is preferred by the judges or voters. Anderson is the same. He wants to be judged by the quality of his reporting. We should be ashamed of how difficult it is for gay celebrities to come out, proudly, as such because they are afraid of ratings drops or whatever. We should accept them. If you only watched Anderson Cooper because you thought he was straight and now will not because he is gay, you are a ridiculous, hate-filled person and he's probably better off without you in his audience anyway.


ShooooooooooowBooooooat! He's on TV everyday and still- not enough attention? His coming out at the end of the day doesn't mean Jack!


@KITTY I disagree! I'm fed up with hearing about everyone's "outing". People act like this is practically like the Second Coming of the Messiah! I do not support the gay lifestyle and I don't care hearing about their personal lives. Keep it to yourselves!

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