Snooki Hates Her Pregnancy Boobs So Hard

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Snooki needs to have this freaking kid already.

Listening to her ramble on about pregnancy makes the expression "TMI" seem inadequate and makes Jessica Simpson quotes on the topic seem profound.

The Jersey Shore star doesn't seem to be responding well to the myriad physical changes brought on by pregnancy. Especially when it comes to her boobs.

Snooki Ultrasound

"I actually want a big belly now, so I don't mind having brownies or fries," she recently told Us. "The only thing is, I've also gone up a cup size: I'm a D now."

"I just hate my boobs so much!"

Gaining a cup size or two is common (see Jessica Simpson cleavage), but since Snooki isn't looking forward to breastfeeding, it's not a cause for celebration.

"It just looks so painful and gross ... It's kind of like you're a cow, and you just milk it?" she said on Good Morning America when asked about the subject.

Last week, Snooki also shared with us the joys of Jionni LaValle tapping that booty and their unborn baby cheering on her orgasms ... seriously.


Well she is not going to be a bad mom every thing will change she is just still yong and that is varry rood to you to talk of her like that bec people can change what yhe herd and what they wont other people to her alsow just because she dose not whant to boobie feed does not mean she can't have her one apinyons on things!


People can change. When she looks at
her son for the first time her world as she knows it will come crashing down and change happens.




Lady you arew a low life BITCH. What would your mother say when she had you. You are ugly as hell when you were born and still ugly as hell now. Be fucking thankful the child has 10 toes and 10 fingers. Inconsiderate ass hole. Fucken freik.


First of all...
She thinks that getting pregnant will keep a man,.. WRONG!
She thinks that getting pregnant wouldn't change your body,...
IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE! You Snook-pid Ass !


Omg i pity this poor child. She is so screwed up. Shes going to be spray tanning it cuz its too pale. And wtf is GMA thinking, having her on there? Are they desperate?


Such girls shouldn't be pregnant!


Yeah...I don't see her changing much as a parent. She's still an idiot

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