Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber: Off the Rocks?

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By now, you must have heard the rumors: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have been frequently fighting and were broken up as recently as one week ago.

Simply put, the adorable couple is on the rocks and could split again at any time.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Together

But Splash News has snapped a photo of what appears to be a very happy Justin and Selena, holding hands on their way back from a date at Los Angeles restaurant the Pink Pepper.

Look at Jelena go, people!

The latest report of trouble in teen paradise states that Gomez was visibly upset and "crying about Justin" during Ashley Tisdale's birthday party on Monday. While we have no confirmation on that story, we do have the above link/picture to prove that everything about to be A-OK between the pair.

For the moment at least.

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we all know that at some time or other they will be a thing of the past. life is different in their world and they shall live accordingly. If they are going to break up, then it is going to happen,no matter what we have to say.


Another lame ass story maybe jb wants some different of fresh puss out there!


sorry ranted about his driving lol Salena and Justin, both futures are bright, weather apart or together! Do whats best for the 2 of u!


@ Greeneyes, I know PLENTY of Christians who would disagree with you on his Jesus tat. He is wearing his beliefs on his sleeve (well leg). I am a Christian and I have 4 tats. One of them religious in nature. Many people in our church have tats (heck Pastors wife just got one few months ago!) Justin..... Come on man! Are you trying to be part of the 27 club????? SLOW THE HECK DOWN! You need to be smarter cause if you killed someone you would be writing behind bars. Is it worth it? Scooter: get on him!


Never be the end of Selena she was around long before "droopy pants" was.Please if anything she helped him to stardom. He wont last long_ They will make or break him and it might just be break him. Hes a baby and cant handle anything.Grow up Beibs you arent special and you should have to pay for your mistakes just like any human being. You are not God. And your tat Of Jesus on your calf_ disrespectful. How could you. Most Christians would say thats a nono. Selena will be fine Beiebes will CRACK NOT FAR FROM IT NOW. Maybe he needs to be reminded he is only a guest in our country.


Some do say he is a girl. They say he is a girl but he is trying to pass off as a guy like he is transgender. He definitely looks like a chic to me. And his new voice and music no way never ever ever will he be even close to be like Michael Jackson- never ever!! Please no hair no muscles and he is very very narcistic. Hes a girl even if he isnt. Hes a baby and one of Hollywoods biggest BRATS!!!


Selena Run Girl he is a total maniac_Justin Beiber that is. Get away from him before you get seriously hurt. You can do way better. Go Girl you have the fan power believe me.


They're teenagers. And famous. Those relationships really do not have the stuff it takes to hold out. Adult stars can barely make relationships work......teenagers? Good luck.


They are a matching couple.if they really break up it would be a blast.


He is gay you are blind.

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