Sean Lowe: Already in Talks to Star as The Bachelor?

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Here's a rumor everyone could've seen coming after Monday night.

After Sean Lowe's surprising elimination from The Bachelorette, the insurance agent and former Texas A&M football player, 28, is already in discussions to be the next Bachelor, according to Hollywood Life and other sources.

“Sean was approached by ABC to be The Bachelor,” says an insider.

Sean Lowe, Emily Maynard

For good reason. As a handsome, smart and family-oriented individual, he would have little trouble attracting viewers - or prospective Bachelorettes.

But does he even want the role? “He’s interested, but not sure. I wouldn’t be surprised if you see him on The Bachelor next season,” says a source.

He'll have some competition if he does want it. Roberto Martinez has also been mentioned as a candidate, and this summer's runner-up will be too.

After Emily Maynard picks Arie Luyendyk or Jef Holm - see The Bachelorette spoilers if you want to know who - another strong candidate will emerge.

Would you like to see Sean Lowe as the next Bachelor? Tell us in the comments below, and vote in our dueling surveys regarding Emily's decision ...

Did she make the right move telling Sean go?

Who should she choose on the July 22 finale?


Emily is obviously making decisions based on financial security... if she was so interested in "family" why would she choose a race car driver who has a higher statistic of dying, what mother would want to put their child through that.... Now Jeff, really? When anyone hears "Enteprenuer" that means "in between jobs or sponging on the parents." Which the $ is what she sees in both... insurace policy from Airy and inheretance from Jeff. Sean is sexy and has great family values. He should diffinatey be the bachlor....


I think Sean should be the next Bachelore, personally, i think that Emily made the wrong decision sending him home.


Sean may be a nice guy but I do not see the attraction. My vote is Roberto he has to be one of the most genuine guys with one of the biggest hearts. What amazes me about Sean is how quickly he got over Emily. To me he is boring. At least with Roberto I am vested with him because I know a little bit about him. I do not care that he has been on the show before would be nice to see a dark haired handsome Latin man. Little diversity for once. I bet he would bring in alot of new viewers!!!


I would rather see Roberto as the next Bachelor than Sean. I find him more interesting more invested with him. Sean is nice but a little boring. At least with Roberto we may finally see a little diversity on the show I just don't see than with Sean. It would actually be nice to see a dark haired handsome man on the show that has a good heart. Just Saying!!!


I would love to see Sean as the next Bachelor. Roberto had his chance and could not make the relationship work with Ali... what makes anyone think he can make another relationship work? Sean was never selected..only let go. These are the people they should be focusing on to be Bachelor/Bachelorette.


I think Sean should be the next bachelor he is very genuine and deserves the best. Too bad Emily didn't see it, her loss! Roberto is too much into himself and doesn't even see his arrogance.


I would love to see Sean be the next "Bachlore" on the show and not Roberto. Sean is sweet, sexy, hot!! and a gentleman and he has it all!
Good luck Sean you deserve the best!


I want to see Sean Lowe find his true love.
He is such a Nice Genuine Guy.
And it doesn't hurt that he is GORGEOUS!!


I feel emily made a mistake by letting Sean go. I hope he is the next bachelor . It broke my heart to see him go Monday. He seemed like he would be great with Ricki.


Sean is boring. Pretty but Emily.

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