Sarah Palin Defends Bristol Reality Show as "Realistic," Slams Teen Mom

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With Bristol Palin under fire for the recent word choice of son Tripp on the latest episode of her Lifetime reality show, Fox News contributor Sarah Palin has come to her daughter's defense.

"Haters are going to hate," Palin told Salon at an NBC cocktail party on Tuesday, adding of Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp: “I think it’s clever, it’s absolutely real and I’m proud of the girls.”

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Despite the presence of cameras, her increased level of fame and the six-figure salary Bristol is banking from the series, Sarah Palin insists the program does not encourage young women to give birth.

"Her show today I think is very positive, it’s very realistic in terms of showing what single motherhood really is,” Palin said. “It’s not like the Teen Mom  — partyin’, woo-hoo! – fun, glamorizing single motherhood."'

We know we say this often, but: WHAT THE HECK IS SARAH PALIN TALKING ABOUT?

Has she ever seen Teen Mom? Debate all you want over whether these girls should be covering magazines and thrust into the spotlight, but that show on its own features nothing but crying children and ugly arguments with boyfriends/parents.

It also depicts teenagers who are struggling to hold jobs and attend classes while trying to raise children... without a stable, ultra wealthy family offering support.

Palin once said she is knowledgeable about foreign affairs because she can see Russia from Alaska. But this may be her most ridiculous statement yet.


Why can't this lazy, good-for-nothing girl do something with her life? Go to college, get an education, and teach your own kids to do the same, unlike what Grammie Sarah taught you. Sarah Palin is a grifter and a leech, and apparently she's done a hopeless job as a mother.


Tripp called Willow a racial slur! As far as the reality of either Bristol or Teen Mom there isnt much the simple favt these young woman get paid makes it unreal. Regular teen parents dont make even CLOSE to what these girls make in 2yrs! Never mind they get this 4 living their life & being filled for a couple months! i dont see NEARLY as many pics of Bristol out partying buyin boobs new hair cars & all these EXPENSIVE things like i see the teen moms do (i may be missing something) so to teen girls they see that & it makes teen moms life look AWESOME as a teen mom 10yrs ago i can def say besides the normal sutff like ur child getting sick or mad & the fights with the baby fathers there isnt many similarities between their life as a teen parent & mine or any other teen parent thats not famous! IF these shows are helping teens have mor eopen convos bout sex then YAY but i doubt it & i think there are MANY other ways we could get teens to realize teen pregnancy is not what u want to do


Stupid is as stupid does.


What did Tripp say? No one is repeating what he said.


I think anyone who is defending girls who are only famous for having babies while being a teenager needs to get a reality check! These girls all had children before they were of legal age!! They give the wrong message to the youth today by basically saying its okay to be 16 and pregnant, they are saying don't worry, you can get a reality show and be able to skip classes because you have an income from a TV show, or get boob implants on MTV's expense, or give away your child because someone somewhere will want to see you struggle while your driving a new cadilac and are able to afford a double wide trailer home while working at a pizza place! And don't even get me started on teem mom 2.. These girls don't struggle! They have things handed to them.. It amazes me that everyone is so quick to defend people who are "struggling" being teen moms, yet they are receive everything they need from MTV. Shame on you.


Who lets their 3 year old use that language? It's not funny. Bring back spanking and straighten these kids out.


Sarah P is right **eyeroll** Bristols situation is soooo real and true to the life of a teen parent its scarey. I know when I was a teen parent I was supported by rich parents, given more than one luxury home to live in, a brand new car and got to travel around the world all the while having someone live with me that helped with more than half the care of my mouthy little child...NOT. Take all that away from her, make her get a job to support her spawn while trying to get through school and living in a 2 bdm apartment and make her get a bus pass...that is real.


Pls explain why ppl are saying Trigg is also Bristols son & Sara acted like she was preg & went into premature labor when she was out of the country but wouldnt let a Dr check her ????? But then flew back 2 Alaska 2 be checked...Can any1 tell me where I can read up on this? Ive heard many times about this but havent been able 2 locate the true facts. I did notice how Bristol treated her "little brother" at her mom's bday party & it was like she was embarassed of him.


@Ryan-Ur joking??? Her show is far from mature. Read the facts. I liked her at 1st, too, but u apparently arent seeing the true Bristol. Teen Mom doesnt glamourize teen pregnancy at all. Bristol looks like she has it made-She doesnt struggle for $, she travels all over the country, bar hops, has a really nice car & apt, ISNT in college, etc. She tries to manipulate her sister to take care of Tripp-She's only a couple yrs older than Willow but treats her like her daughter (I totally agree @TNT). She's not 16...She's 20, she's having her son disrespect ppl & thinks its a joke. This is so far from what a real single, teenage mom goes thru. Give me a break!!!!!!


I def wouldnt be proud of either of them. They act like they are better than every1 else. Bristol & Willow need therapy!! I feel bad for Tripp...U can already tell he's out of control!

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