Russell Brand on Sarah Palin Relevancy: All About the Vagina!

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She didn't even last one term as Governor of Alaska. She failed in her bid to become Vice President of the United States. At this point, she's merely a Fox News contributor and the mother of a reality TV star.

So why does Sarah Palin remain so newsworthy? Russell Brand has a theory.

Russell Brand at FX Party
Sarah Palin Interview Pic

"The reason that Sarah Palin has been so long tolerated is that latent inquisition around her vagina," Brand laughed yesterday during a Q&A session at the Television Critics Association press tour. "People want to f-ck her, don't they? That's why they tolerate the other stuff... The dick don't lie!"

The comedian, whose Brand X talk show has been picked up by FX for seven more episodes, was also asked about the recent Chick-fil-A controversy.

"Didn't Chick-fil-A say that they're racists now? Oh no, homophobic. I get mixed up with the prejudices. I forget who I'm supposed to hate."

We're gonna assume that many Republicans, following Brand's take on Palin, won't be as confused. They likely know where to direct their hatred at the moment.


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Russell, folk like you seeking to be relevant don't have the values to even be taken serious but by other non-relevant looser haters. What a shame you really could be a serious talent, but no, go for the gutter lines to please the extremist liberal crowd . No doubt this makes you a hit at those parties. That's all it takes to fulfill your simple needs.


Hey Russ take another drink, pig


Drought in America-Food prices will soon hit the roof. Nice to know Palins,the conservatives and Republicans children will not miss a meal.


Palin gals are dumb, un-intelligent bimbos fooling their conservative followers out of millions.Buy the book goonies.


What a sleaze ball. If someone said that about Michelle Obama the liberals would piss them selves.


Oh lets not forget the conservative Palins had son-law who dropped out H.S. and daughter too.But thanks to Hollywood Bristol can pay her bills.Oh,I forgot she got her GED.such values!!!


Katy is A Democrat. She left him because she wants to play the field. And what he said about Sarah is true. She makes over 23million a year nowadays far stretch from her gov. days.


I just Love the thought of Romney/Rubio


I realize the only way I can get a script is to attack republicans. Hollywood insists. I also realize that after Romney wins Republicans are going to make life hell on Democrats- then I will return to England.


Obama 2012!

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