Rupert Sanders and Kristen Stewart: The Photographic Evidence!

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A supermarket tabloid may have gotten it right for once regarding Robsten.

Much to the chagrin of Robert Pattinson.

Following the bombshell Us Weekly report that Kristen Stewart cheated on Pattinson with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, the photographic evidence of this encounter has now been revealed - and if it's not 100% damning, it's fairly close to it.

Stewart and Sanders
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Stewart and Sanders are clearly locked in a couple embraces, with the magazine story quoting the photographer who snapped the pictures.

He claims the two were "kissing like crazy" inside Kristen's car and: "They'd only take a break whenever someone walked by. It seemed like they couldn't get enough of each other. She was swept up in the moment."

Neither Stewart nor anyone in her camp has denied the report, with one anonymous source simply telling People it was a one-time incident and Stewart is "devastated" over her actions.

But the ramifications of the alleged affair could be felt for a very long time: Sanders is married to Liberty Ross and has two children. Moreover, a sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman is expected to start shooting in the near future... with both Stewart AND Ross attached! Then there's promotion for Breaking Dawn Part 2 to consider.

Kristen Stewart is shy and uncomfortable around the press on a good day. How will she possibly react to this kind of attention?

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...welp, life goes on. :D You guys are going crazy over 2 people living their lives, making mistakes,falling in love,falling out of love, having flings they will later on forget. She is a big girl, he is grown man, the director is too. They will deal with it and move on with the consequences.


Oh and, i love Kristen, she is the best actor i know. and she wasn't in for the money. People go get a life. Im sorry what happened between her and Rob, but you people don't have to interfere with it, its not your problem!


People, why don't you learn to shut up, Kristen said she was sorry!!! and she really loves Rob, and if you people where her, what would you do? i would hate all this stuff you are saying, its really mean!!! gosh why don't you people grow up and get a life, and stop doing mean stuff to her!


Kristen is a bitch. Her heart is as ugly as beautiful she is.Kristen, I just hate you! bitch!


You are all pathetic and can't even write correctly :)) These are the people that judge? Learn how to fu**ing write and only then express your opinions. What a bunch of stupid people, can't even use their own language.


she wanted a way to break up with little robby and didn't have the courage to tell him. that's all settled now.


It sounds like a breakdown to me.. Shes had a boob job, and cheating on rob? She even said in her statement somethin along the lines of I'm really sorry for what I've done I love him I live rob I'm sorry. So sounds like she's lost it a bit. Bein under the spotlight since she was young. Britney all over again...


These incident destroyed the true lover guy robert faith in her one would beleive in any lkg gd nd butiful grl ..


omg..she was only in it for the money, the fame...she really never did it for the fans, she did it for herself, and the she did it in a more distasteful, rude, and with a black heart, with no with rupert her new chapter, a new love, then when that saga is over, another shameful breakup..i mean this woman is a black widow..i hope this horrible thing that she had done not to her self but for all of her fans, they all see the true ks..she makes u believe the fanatasy of the movie come true in real life, then when the fanatasy is over, your heart broken..she is NOT for the fans nor for her new boy toy here, she will break him, just as a black widow sorry for rb..did you know that god works in mysterious ways, thank goodnes and heaven above he didnt marry her..your career here just exploded mr.rp...cheers


Our how she had the courage to do this. the mouth of the people I knew that everyone looks I do not believe it when I read the betrayal was shocked else who never misses right!

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