Rupert Sanders and Kristen Stewart: The Photographic Evidence!

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A supermarket tabloid may have gotten it right for once regarding Robsten.

Much to the chagrin of Robert Pattinson.

Following the bombshell Us Weekly report that Kristen Stewart cheated on Pattinson with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, the photographic evidence of this encounter has now been revealed - and if it's not 100% damning, it's fairly close to it.

Stewart and Sanders
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Stewart and Sanders are clearly locked in a couple embraces, with the magazine story quoting the photographer who snapped the pictures.

He claims the two were "kissing like crazy" inside Kristen's car and: "They'd only take a break whenever someone walked by. It seemed like they couldn't get enough of each other. She was swept up in the moment."

Neither Stewart nor anyone in her camp has denied the report, with one anonymous source simply telling People it was a one-time incident and Stewart is "devastated" over her actions.

But the ramifications of the alleged affair could be felt for a very long time: Sanders is married to Liberty Ross and has two children. Moreover, a sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman is expected to start shooting in the near future... with both Stewart AND Ross attached! Then there's promotion for Breaking Dawn Part 2 to consider.

Kristen Stewart is shy and uncomfortable around the press on a good day. How will she possibly react to this kind of attention?

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The only person I feel bad for is this situation is his wife and his kids, they will be the victims behind all this dirty story, and honestly it doesn't matter if they had a full affair or they were only kissing cz one thing follows the other...


Bitch !!! She got nothing.. except those cuddle baby looks.. She sinks in Acting and relationships.. and now she does it again.. Rob everything will be aright..we are with you and we love you.


Kristen S u suck and u CHEAT


She is a suck a-- actor, only reason she ever got her first roles was because of her Father is in the business he new the right people, she never had to pay her dues, like hard working actors that cant get the time of day. I say fire her A-- and get a real actor a chance, Her movies suck.


how dare kristen cheat on rob ! no one deserve to be treated like that no matter what he do ! there's nothing wrong with rob it's just kristen, maybe she just can't get enough with just sticking to one maybe she did not only jeopardize the only thing she love but as well as her life.


Home wrecker


Ok how is this a surprise to anyone? Kristen started her affair with Rob when she was involved with someone else. So as I see it they both got what they deserve. Now Rob knows what it's like to be on the receiving end. He started his relationship with her by breaking her up from someone else. Karma is a bitch huh?


Hola , como todos dicen que kristen tiene la culpa. pues no es cierto todos cometemos errores en la vida, creen que por tener 22 años se es maduro? eso tampoco es verdad los golpes de la vida enseñan a hacer mas fuerte y la felicito por ser sincera y decir y admitir su error no todos tenemos ese valor. Pero digo que cuando hay amor todo se puede, se que Robert esta muy lastimado pero como se hace el es un hombre y sabe lo que esta bien y esta mal, se que no es fácil perdonar a la persona que nos ha sido infiel pero hay que pensar bien pues si el la amo que deje su orgullo de macho, lo cual no lo llevara a nada y buscar siempre su felicidad sin pensar en los demás sino en tu día a día con la personas que amas y no lastimarse mas . El dicho dice que el que persevera vence y lo digo de todo corazón ......


How does this differ from twilight? In the movie, there was jacob, but she "loved" rob more, right? Maybe she needed a "cheata" instead of a wolfe, to get her through somethin in real life. You are a great artist rob. This moment doesnt define you, or what youve done in life to be where you are today. Peace and love to yall. Hope you all find the time, and maybe forgiveness, for you guys to grow even more :)


And this is why I have never watched her movies...there was always something I didn't like about her...

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