Rupert Sanders and Kristen Stewart: The Photographic Evidence!

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A supermarket tabloid may have gotten it right for once regarding Robsten.

Much to the chagrin of Robert Pattinson.

Following the bombshell Us Weekly report that Kristen Stewart cheated on Pattinson with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, the photographic evidence of this encounter has now been revealed - and if it's not 100% damning, it's fairly close to it.

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Stewart and Sanders are clearly locked in a couple embraces, with the magazine story quoting the photographer who snapped the pictures.

He claims the two were "kissing like crazy" inside Kristen's car and: "They'd only take a break whenever someone walked by. It seemed like they couldn't get enough of each other. She was swept up in the moment."

Neither Stewart nor anyone in her camp has denied the report, with one anonymous source simply telling People it was a one-time incident and Stewart is "devastated" over her actions.

But the ramifications of the alleged affair could be felt for a very long time: Sanders is married to Liberty Ross and has two children. Moreover, a sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman is expected to start shooting in the near future... with both Stewart AND Ross attached! Then there's promotion for Breaking Dawn Part 2 to consider.

Kristen Stewart is shy and uncomfortable around the press on a good day. How will she possibly react to this kind of attention?

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Infidelity is unforgivable. I don't get how someone can just forgive someone after their significant other was clearly had in their head to go behind their back and have an affair. She's a snake. People, she's nOt sorry for what she done(cause clearly she was all good when she was bangin the director) she's sorry she got caught. Rob deserves better, he's a 10 and she's a figity 6 and that's being generous. Dump her deceitful ass. Good job Kristen, uve done the oldest trick in the book, sleeping with the director, no wonder why ur still an actress today, cause u sure as hell don't have any sort of talent in acting.


Infidelity is unforgivable. I don't get how someone can just forgive someone after their significant other was clearly had in their head to go behind their back and have an affair. She's a snake. People, she's n


To Dawn yeah he is and was fucking her for like 6 months. No forgiveness there.


Kristen no look unkind -she must have been silly when met Rupert- I don't like Rupert -he's disgusting by fuck did with Kristen -However girl still no look good on headline newspaper.


Robert should look himself what's wrong! I believe in her,Kristen had a reason and she's actress on event real, too.


it think you are all pathetic if you are ripping on this situation. number one people make this mistake all the time. number two i bet when twilight came out you were one of the dumb people freaking out and you supported her then so now your going to be hypocritical and call her all these names. get over yourself. its people like you who stick their noses where they dont belong that reck lives. you think robert likes all this publisity i dont think so. if anything you guys are making this worse for him. but no one cares


Rob is a clever boy- dont forgive her


Wow! Puppy That Never thought Kristen Stewart would be able to betray Robert. I hope they finish. That Bitch!


please do not blame her
i guess, this scandal is too much for rob en kristen
but if rob loves kristen that much hel forgive and hold on to her
feel sorry for kristen
but i hope he forgives her
people just leave them alone
i adore kristen en rob


I really think that he should forgive her. Its not like she had sex with the guy. If the guys wife can forgive why can't Rob. I do feel bad for him.